Commenting on the RSPCA’s report, ‘Breed Specific Legislation: A Dog’s Dinner’, Eduardo Gonçalves, CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports said:

“The RSPCA’s damming report supports our earlier calls on why the Dangerous Dogs Act should be reviewed as a matter of urgency. Breed specific legislation is fundamentally flawed and as today’s report underlines, there is a pressing need for the implementation of a national dog-fighting strategy; of which a review of the Act and the possible reintroduction of the dog licence should form part of.

“Based on the intelligence gathered from Project Bloodline, our 2016 investigation into dog fighting, tougher sentences, a minimum three year custodial sentence for convicted dog fighters and a national register containing details of individuals banned from keeping dogs should all form part of the national strategy. The formation of a National Task Force, led by a senior figure in Government, would ensure sufficient collaboration and action takes place to tackle these issues across the country.

“Despite being banned for 200 years, dog fighting continues happening in Britain. Funds currently used to enforce the Dangerous Dogs Act could be better spent on research, policing and in the community on projects aimed to engage and educate people to prevent dog-fighting and dogs from becoming dangerous.”