The League Scotland has published the most comprehensive and robust field study of ground predator control on Scotland’s shooting estates. Over 15 months, an independent surveyor mapped the location and frequency of traps and snares set on seven shooting estates to calculate the true extent of animal killing as a result of predator control to sustain the driven grouse shooting industry.

57,000 killing devices deployed each day

Scotland representing the equivalent of over 10,000,000 active trapping and snaring days per year.

Up to a quarter of a million animals are killed

each year to totally eradicate foxes, stoats, weasels and crows to increase the number of grouse.

Nearly half of the animals killed are non-target species

such as hedgehogs, dippers and mistle thrush.

An estimated 120,000 - 260,000

animals each year are snared and trapped on Scottish grouse moors, nearly half would be non-target species.

Does Fox Hunting happen in Scotland?

In 2019 the Government announced that they planned to strengthen the Protection of Wild Animals Act 2002.

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End Driven Grouse Shooting in Scotland

Hundreds of thousands of grouse are shot for entertainment in Scotland most years.

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How you can help!

It’s not just foxes that suffer, they are the ultimate vicitim of hunting but many others suffer.

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