What we do to protect animals

What we do

Animals are at the heart of everything we do. Here to stop animals from being persecuted in the name of ‘sport’, we strive to protect them from the horrific acts of hunting (such as fox hunting and cubbing), game shooting, snares, trail huntinggreyhound racing, bullfightinghare coursing, dog fighting, mink hunting, and more.

We know that every action brings us one step closer to ending cruel sports and our passion drives us forward. Together, with our committed supporters, we are working towards bringing about real change for animals across the UK. As a charity we want to redefine what is acceptable and inspire change. We do this by:

Animal Charity
Animal Charity

Scotland Campaigns

Let's really ban fox hunting in Scotland

Read more on our work in Scotland

Wales Campaigns

Wales has an opportunity to become the first constituent nation in the UK to ban both snaring and the caged breeding of ‘game’ birds.

Read more on our work in Wales

Northern Ireland Campaigns

Sadly, Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK without a ban on hunting with dogs.

Read more on our work in Northern Ireland

Map of Cruel Sports

This map enables you to contact your council to ban trail hunting.

View the map

Working to end hunting for good

Find more information on different types of hunting, and what we are doing to help stop it for good.

Find out more on ending hunting

Our work to end shooting

In terms of the numbers of animals persecuted and killed, no other cruel sport in the UK has such a devastating impact on animals.

Find out more on our work to end shooting

Let's end animal fighting once and for all

Read more on fighting practices such as dog fighting and bull fighting. We are working hard to stop these for good.

Read more on ending animal fighting

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