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The tide is turning across the country, as the National Trust, Forestry England, United Utilities and other major landowners have all suspended ‘trail’ hunting on their land.

These decisions were made after the police and Crown Prosecution Service announced they were investigating the contents of leaked webinars, in which senior figures within the Master of Fox Hounds Association and the Countryside Alliance admitted that ‘trail’ hunting is a “smokescreen” for the chasing and killing of foxes.

Local councils must now follow major landowners - It’s high time someone said ‘no’ to the hunts. Despite all we are doing as individuals to maintain social distancing, staying away from our loved ones, fox hunts are still riding out across the UK, still chasing animals, still causing suffering.

This map also enables you to contact your council, and demand that they stop being made complicit in fox hunting, by banning trail hunting and all other hunting related activities. If there is no land, there is no hunting. Make your council’s land a sanctuary from hunts and help protect wildlife from suffering in the name of ‘sport’.

Hunting with dogs

This innovative tool shows how many hare, deer and fox hunts continue to operate across Britain today.

Using your postcode, you can identify all of the hunts in your area, the territory in which they hunt and what uniform they wear. Click on ‘fox hunts’, ‘hare hunts’ or ‘staghounds’ to see the various types of hunting with dogs.

You will only need to complete the form once in order to contact your council to ban fox, hare and stag hunting activity.

Just the beginning

This map currently shows all the hunts in Britain, but we will be adding more information on shooting and other ‘sports’ that shows the prevalence of animal cruelty.

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