A BBC investigation, initiated by our two-year inquiry, has exposed an international network which breeds, sells and transports dogs to take part in dog fights around the world, including the UK.



The number of suspected wildlife crime cases has increased by another 30% this year. Our Investigations Team needs your help to fund extra hours to bring more criminals to justice.
Will you help our Investigations Team give wildlife the justice they deserve?

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Discover all the ways you can help animals persecuted in the name of sport


Our Sanctuaries

The League owns wildlife sanctuaries in Somerset and Devon, where animals can live free from persecution


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Key Campaigns

  • Fox Hunting

    Hunting was banned in England and Wales in 2004, but the law has never been properly enforced, and attempts to weaken or repeal it continue. The hunting law in Scotland is weak, and hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland. Read more

  • Dog Fighting

    Dog fighting as a ‘sport’ was banned in 1835, as even then it was considered barbaric. But this horrific form of dog abuse continues.
    It's time to take a stand against dog fighting. Read more

  • Shooting

    100,000 birds are shot every day in the UK during the shooting season. Commercial shooting in the UK is a cynical industry which exploits loopholes in animal welfare laws, puts our landscape at risk and exaggerates any financial benefit to the economy. Read more

Latest News & Research

  • Court case highlights the barbarity of fox hunts

    The former huntsman of the South Herefordshire Hunt, Paul Oliver, was found guilty at Birmingham Magistrates Court today of four counts of causing an animal unnecessary suffering under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Evidence was obtained by the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT). Read more

  • A safe haven for wildlife

    Paul Tillsley, the League's Head of Conservation and Education, discusses the many highlights in our sanctuaries and how they make wonderful safe havens for an array of wildlife. Read more

  • League Celebrates Welsh campaign success

    Campaigners took to the streets of Cardiff yesterday to celebrate and thank Natural Resources Wales and the University of Wales for stopping the shooting of pheasants on their land. Read more

  • Campaign against Euro Tunnel gathers steam

    Euro Tunnel are shipping day-old pheasant chicks into the UK for shooting. But what is being done to stop it? Read more