Animals are being killed in the UK countryside and those responsible are getting away with it.
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Fox hunt supporters convicted of brutal attack on charity workers

Two men were convicted today at Leicester Crown Court of seriously assaulting two League Against Cruel Sports professional investigators who were attacked whilst monitoring a fox hunt on behalf of the animal welfare charity.

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Author: Luis Calvo

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  • Fox Hunting

    Hunting was banned in England and Wales in 2004, but the law has never been properly enforced, and attempts to weaken or repeal it continue. The hunting law in Scotland is weak, and hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland.

    Sign our petition to stop the killing of animals by hunts
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  • Dog Fighting

    Dog fighting as a ‘sport’ was banned in 1835, as even then it was considered barbaric. But this horrific form of dog abuse continues. It's time to take a stand against dog fighting. Read more

  • Shooting

    100,000 birds are shot every day in the UK during the shooting season. Commercial shooting in the UK is a cynical industry which exploits loopholes in animal welfare laws, puts our landscape at risk and exaggerates any financial benefit to the economy. Read more

Latest News & Research

  • Spring in our sanctuaries

    My heart still races when I see fox cubs emerging from an earth, badger cubs outside a sett, or a young deer curled up in the undergrowth. A chance encounter with one of their parents during a quiet walk through the woods can be equally rewarding. Read more

  • Hunting excuses

    When hunting laws came in, bloodsports enthusiasts were quick to claim how easy it would be for hunts to ‘accidentally’ break the law and chase and kill animals. Our Head of Campaigns sheds light on some of their other dubious claims. Read more

  • Grouse moor management under fire again as footage reveals more horrors

    The League Scotland and OneKind have released further evidence of horrific practices on Scotland’s grouse moors. This follows the recent exposé of mountain hare slaughter in the Highlands. Read more

  • Alleged fox cub killing

    The League Against Cruel Sports has reacted to the announcement by West Mercia Police that five people are to be charged with animal cruelty offences after footage appeared to show live fox cubs being taken into a kennel of hunting hounds in Herefordshire. Read more