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How to vote FOR a ban on hunting on National Trust land

This October, National Trust members can vote in favour of banning ‘trail’ hunting and other hunting related activities on trust land.

Trail hunting was invented after hunting with hounds was made illegal by the Hunting Act 2004. The National Trust issues trail hunting licences because of the hunts’ assertion that what they do is legal. However,  years of evidence has shown that foxes are still being chased and killed by hunts, in direct opposition to the Hunting Act. Additionally, in November last year, recordings of a webinar conducted by the Hunting Office and other senior hunting officials were leaked in which they describe trail hunting as a “smokescreen” – which can only mean it’s a cover for real hunting.

It is for this reason that the League Against Cruel Sports supports the following resolution, submitted by Dr Denise Taylor, that will be put to the vote at the National Trust’s Annual General Meeting:

“That the members agree that the National Trust will ban trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on their land, to prevent potential illegal activity in breach of the Hunting Act 2004 and the protection of Badgers Act 1992 and to prevent damage to other flora and fauna by hunts, their hounds and their followers.”

You can vote in person at the AGM on October 30, or by appointing the Chair of the meeting to vote on your behalf. It is important that you instruct the Chair how to vote, otherwise it will be left to their discretion.

If you wish to ask the National Trust to stop licensing trail hunting on its land, you can vote ‘FOR’ the resolution in one of the following ways:

Vote online:

  1. Go to the voting website.
  2. Log in by entering your name, surname, membership number and post code.
  3. Click the AGM Resolutions button.
  4. Appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy.
  5. Select the box ‘FOR’ the resolution to ban ‘trail’ hunting.
  6. Vote on any other motions (should you so wish, if not leave blank)
  7. Click the 'Next Page' button.
  8. Review your choices, then click 'Submit'

Vote by post:

  1. Find the voting form in your orange AGM booklet. This will have come with your September issue of National Trust Magazine.
  2. Fill in your name, surname, membership number, post code and signature
  3. Appoint the Chair of the meeting as your proxy.
  4. Put a cross in the box ‘FOR’ the resolution to ban trail hunting.
  5. Vote on any other motions (should you so wish, if not leave blank)
  6. Review your choices
  7. Return your form by post to the following short address: ‘Freepost Civica Election Services’.*

*Please make sure your postal or online vote arrives by 23:59 on Friday 22nd October 2021

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