We at the League Against Cruel Sports would like to thank you for mentioning us in your article “Save the Megaloceros” dated 10th September 2006.

As nice as it is to see our name in print (especially when linked with such an esteemed a reporter as Nigel Farndale!) we at the League would like to point out three ‘minor’ errors in your article.

Firstly, our members are not “animal rights protestors” but rather animal welfare campaigners.

Secondly, though passionate about animal welfare issues, we are not so passionate as to condone activists breaking into peoples’ homes and vandalising their possessions. As I am sure you are aware, we at the League Against Cruel Sports work in a more professional and law abiding way, hence the success we have had with such campaigns as the Hunting Act.

Thirdly, I think I can say without doubt, that our members and supporters are intelligent enough to know the difference between a megaloceros and a modern-day deer and that is also why you won’t find mention of a 10,000 year old prehistoric elk on our website.

Our thanks once again for your kind mention and we hope to have many more (but with fewer mistakes) in the near future.