The deer hunting season is happening right now!

But did you know the League Against Cruel Sports owns a wildlife sanctuary which helps protect deer, as well as many other animals, from hunters who wish to kill them for so-called sport?

To help protect animals living on Baronsdown Wildlife Sanctuary, please make your gift today and help Keep Out the Hunters!


Baronsdown Wildlife Sanctuary is a 250-acre oasis where all hunting and shooting activity is prohibited and is one of the only safe places in Exmoor which offers refuge to a wide range of wildlife.

Right now, local hunt groups are out killing wildlife up to six days a week and our sanctuary team have reported up to five hunts can take place in one day alone.

We do our utmost to protect the sanctuaries borders from local hunts. But we need your help to keep them off our land.

Map of Baronsdown and its surroundings with indication of shooting estates and hunts

As you can see from the map, Exmoor is well known for being a hunting and shooting hotspot. On all points of the compass the sanctuary is surrounded by shooting estates and land where the hunting of deer, foxes and other wildlife is still permitted, therefore it is imperative that we protect it!

Without the League's sanctuary, thousands more animals would be hunted and killed through barbaric blood sports every year.  

Your donation can help prevent this cruelty. Please support our Keep Out the Hunters Appeal and see how your invaluable gift can help;

  • £10 can help to protect birds by providing bird nesting boxes and wild bird seed.

  • £20 can help to keep out trespassers who want to hurt our wildlife by providing essential materials to fix fences.

  • £50 can help to uncover intruders by helping to provide a quality SLR long-lens camera for capturing images of intruders and evidence of their criminal hunts.


League 'Private Property' sign with shots on it

Despite being illegal, the hunting of animals with packs of hounds is still happening and it is happening all around our sanctuary.

Imagine your home was under threat and you had no safe place to rest, sleep or eat. Imagine being hunted, chased to the point of exhaustion then killed in the name of so-called 'sport'.

These are the dangers our precious wildlife faces every day, but Baronsdown Wildlife Sanctuary is a safe haven where animals can live without fear.

Please donate today to help protect Baronsdown and the wildlife who live here.

Your support really does matter and together we will Keep Out the Hunters!


To donate by post, print your Keep Out the Hunters Donation Form and return it to: New Sparling House, Holloway Hill, Godalming, GU7 1QZ. Or call us to donate: 01483 524250.

Click here to download the donation form

Smiley fox on the grass