British wildlife being torn to pieces

New figures show the scale of hunting with hounds across the UK. Hundreds of cases of illegal hunting and the killing of British wildlife by fox, deer, and hare hunts have been reported to a leading animal welfare charity since the beginning of November.Read more

League Against Cruel Sports intel on dog fighting leads to major BBC investigation

Major BBC expose reveals how dogs are being sold and shipped across the world – including to the UK – to take part in dog fightingRead more

Calls for Somerset hunts to pack up amidst horse flu crisis

An animal welfare charity is calling for hunts in Somerset to cease hunting in the face of the equine flu crisis, which has led to a shutdown of horse racing.Read more

Calls for blanket ban on hunts during horse flu crisis

An animal welfare charity is calling for hunting activities across the Britain to cease in the face of the equine flu crisis which has led to a six-day shutdown of horse racing.Read more

An interview with Lush - Who is Andy Knott?

Former trustee and current podcaster and producer, Charlie Moores from Lush figured it was time to go and ask the CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, Andy Knott some questions...Read more

Hunting hound killed on busy A road

A hound from a Northamptonshire hunt was killed and another was seen running loose on a busy A road between Northampton and Kettering yesterday according to eye witness reports.Read more

West Country hind hunt exposed

Female deer being chased and killed by Devon and Somerset StaghoundsRead more

Countryside rejects ‘game’ bird shooting

Polling of rural residents in England and Wales shows shooting is a fringe activity.Read more

Thousands urge University of Wales to end pheasant shooting for good at its Powys campus.

The University of Wales is being urged to end pheasant shooting at Gregynog Hall, Powys, as the ‘final season’ of its controversial deed closes.Read more

Hare hunt trial highlights police and prosecution failures

League Against Cruel Sports will be writing to the Head of the Crown Prosecution Service for Wildlife Crime highlighting its concerns string of failures by the North Yorkshire Police and Crown Prosecution Service has led to the collapse of a trial involving the Claro Beagles who were accused of hunting hares.Read more

Greene King urged to ban fox hunt meets

Greene King is facing calls to roll out a nationwide ban on hunts meeting at its pubs amid new reports hunts are still chasing and killing British wildlife.Read more

Charity offers cautious welcome to Scottish Government’s announcement on fox hunting legislation

A leading animal welfare charity has given a cautious welcome to today’s (Wednesday) announcement from the Scottish Government on its intentions to bring forward a Bill to strengthen current fox hunting legislation.Read more

Eight reports of kills by fox hunts since Boxing Day

Distressing photos and video show the brutal nature of fox hunting in the English countryside.Read more

Calls for National Trust to pull Portman Hunt’s licence after fox killed

The National Trust is being urged to cut ties with the Portman Hunt after it was witnessed killing a fox yesterday.Read more

National Trust cancels hunting licence for the South Shropshire Hunt

The National Trust has cancelled its controversial hunting licence for the South Shropshire Hunt at the Long Mynd.Read more

Countryside rejects hunting in favour of observing nature

New polling of rural residents in England and Wales shows ‘countryside values’ are based on respect for nature – not killing for sport.Read more

Scottish Government urged to let common sense prevail in fox hunting announcement

A Scottish Government announcement on the future of fox hunting in Scotland is expected in the New Year. As hunts embark on their Boxing Day activity, League Scotland is calling for common sense to prevail to really ban hunting in Scotland.Read more

Court finds in favour of ferry companies which banned pheasant chicks shipped for shooting

A French court has ruled in favour of ferry companies which stopped carrying pheasant chicks for the shooting industry because of welfare concerns.Read more