Say ‘no’ to animal cruelty


A dog fight could be taking place today.

It could be in a barn in the middle of nowhere. It could be in an abandoned urban warehouse. It could be happening in your neighbourhood, right this second.

Man’s best friend pitted against each other. Owners forcing them to fight again and again and again. Too exhausted to even cry out in pain, too disposable if they don’t win the high stakes their owners hope for.

Professional dog fighting thrives on its invisibility, and we’re working to expose the criminals and bring them to justice.

Join us and become part of a movement that will fight to ensure every animal lives a life free from harm.


Man’s best friend can’t say “stop” when their owners train them to the point of exhaustion. They can’t say “enough” when pitted against another of its kind in a dog fighting ring. They can’t say “don’t hurt me” while being stitched back together with glue or a staple gun.

But you can say “no” to animal cruelty.

We believe that no animal should be harmed or killed in the name of ‘sport’. We invite you to join us and help stop animals being forced to fight, run for their lives or be shot for entertainment.

How your monthly donation will help persecuted animals

Your support could help:

  • Fund our vital Animal Crimewatch line, where supporters can report animal cruelty. We take this information, provide supporting intelligence and evidence and pass to police for further investigation.
  • Educate the public about the reality of dog fighting. Did you know the true horrors before today?
  • Collaboration with law enforcement agencies, to encourage them to treat dog fighting as a ‘gateway’ crime to broader crimes such as drugs and violence.

By working together, we can aim to eradicate animal cruelty in the name of ‘sport’.


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