League Celebrates Welsh campaign success

Campaigners took to the streets of Cardiff yesterday to celebrate and thank Natural Resources Wales and the University of Wales for stopping the shooting of pheasants on their land. Read more

Blood sports opponents welcome landmark court decision

The League Against Cruel Sports has welcomed a decision to uphold the conviction of George Adams for illegally chasing and killing a fox. Read more

Protestors call to end trophy hunting in Bedfordshire

Protesters have exposed how trophy hunting tourists from around the world pay up to £25,000 to shoot and kill deer bred and kept at Woburn Deer Park. Read more

Hunt accused of illegally targeting fox cubs

Five members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt have appeared at Nottingham Magistrates Court today, accused of hunting fox cubs. Read more

Fox hunting figures show the scale of the killing

The shocking scale of fox hunting still taking place in the British countryside 14 years after the blood sport was banned has been highlighted by a new set of figures. Read more

Calls for permanent hunting ban on National Trust land

Animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports is calling on the National Trust to turn hunt licence suspensions into permanent bans at three of its properties. Read more

Calls for National Trust to make hunting ban permanent

The National Trust has been called on to permanently ban the Surrey Union Hunt from its land on the Polesden Lacey estate in Bookham. Read more

Hunt accused of illegally targeting fox cubs

Six members of the Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt are appearing at Nottingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday, April 30, accused of hunting fox cubs. Read more

Horse deaths at Aintree: charity calls for tighter safety regulations to protect horse welfare

The League Against Cruel Sports has issued a statement following the tragic death of Up for Review during today’s Grand National at Aintree. Read more

Grand National should be suspended until horseracing is safer, says charity

The League Against Cruel Sports is once again calling on Aintree Racecourse and the British Horseracing Authority to put vital safety measures in place in for the horses running the Grand National. Read more

Trail blazing council votes to ban fox hunting on its land

In a landmark decision made yesterday, Nottinghamshire County Council has banned trail hunting on its land. Read more

Scottish Government must act now to protect mountain hares

Revive, the coalition for grouse moor reform, in which the League is a partner, is calling on the Scottish Government to act to protect Scotland’s iconic mountain hares. Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg: entertaining the hunt

The Mendip Farmers Hunt – which met recently at the country home of Jacob Rees-Mogg MP in Somerset – has been caught on camera fox hunting. Read more

East Sussex hunt fox kill leaves locals in tears

A teenaged boy and his mum were left distraught after discovering the mutilated body of a fox in a field used by the local hunt. Read more

National Trust cancels hunting licence for the Kingston Lacy Estate

The National Trust has cancelled its controversial hunting license for the Portman Hunt at Kingston Lacy Estate. Read more

Campaign group calls for urgent action to end muirburn on grouse moors

New footage shows Scotland’s uplands on fire as part of intensive management to protect game birds farmed for commercial shooting Read more

University of Wales suspends pheasant shooting

The University of Wales has suspended pheasant shooting following a campaign by the League Against Cruel Sports. Read more