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When the day of my wing walk came, I checked my donation page and the weather forecast. The first showed that I had raised more than £1,000 for the League Against Cruel Sports. More than 47 generous people had been inspired by my challenge to support the movement to end hunting, fighting and animal shooting for good.

The weather forecast told me it was going to rain. That was less positive news.

When I arrived for my wing walk, at a runway in the countryside often used by skydivers, it was already raining hard. The droplets streaked down from a black sky. And set against this dark backdrop was the plane; small and somewhat old-fashioned, with a propeller at the front.

I walked up to the plane, just as I had during my practice run weeks before, and clambered up the steps.

The instructor led me through the plane and out onto the wing. As I stepped out, my fear of heights kicked in – and we were still on the ground. I could already feel the wind whipping at my face, and I wondered how much harsher it would be in the air.

The instructor strapped me to a metal frame, my arms outstretched and my feet planted firmly together. Then she wished me good luck, retreated, and left me totally alone.

Animal Charity

The ground rumbled beneath me. That’s when I knew we were taking off.

I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. I was strapped to the top of an old plane, directly above a rotating propellor. What could possibly go wrong?

The plane vaulted up into the sky, and the wind hit me hard in the face. Droplets of rain shot into my cheeks like bullets.

I could hardly see. But I could feel where I was. I was up amongst the clouds.

It was exhilarating.

By the time we landed, my life had changed forever. I was shaking from nerves and excitement. I’d been to a place people don’t normally go; to the limits of their bravery and into the sky.

In total, I raised £1,465 to help the League. It makes me happy to know that every pound of that has gone towards helping animals persecuted for ‘sport’; supporting investigations into wildlife crime, funding campaigns to end cruelty and keeping animals safe on League wildlife reserves."

I won’t be going back on the plane. But I’m glad I had the experience. And more than anything, I’m honoured that facing my fears helped to provide a better future for persecuted animals.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

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