Enough is Enough

Despite being banned over 15 years ago, hunting with hounds continues across the UK behind the smokescreen of  ‘trail’ hunting and we want to see it banned once and for all.

Hunting not only impacts the welfare of animals but the communities it takes place it. All too often people are intimidated by the hunts and land is trespassed on and we say enough is enough. 

How much more will it take for the government to strengthen the Hunting Act and end this barbarity for good?

Why now?

In 2021, a senior huntsman was found guilty of assisting or encouraging others to break the Hunting Act, resulting in pressure on major landowners like the National Trust to outlaw so-called trail hunting on their land.  

An overwhelming majority of National Trust members voted to end the cruel sport with local councils also doing their best to curtail the hunts in their constituencies; and yet hunting continues.  

The responsibility to police hunts should not fall solely on landowners but should be reliant on law makers and legislation that is strong and lacks loopholes for hunts to exploit.  

In my judgement he was clearly encouraging the mirage of trail laying to act as a cover for old fashioned hunting."

Judge Tan Ikram, deputy chief magistrate of England and Wales, on the case of Mark Hankinson.

Please contact your MP and ask them to call on DEFRA for an immediate end to trail hunting on government land and to commit to strengthening the Hunting Act.

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How are we helping to end hunting?

This year we are taking our Enough is Enough campaign around the country to give a voice to those who live among the hunts and see their brutality first-hand. 

Our series of events will take place up and down the country with each event carefully selected and panel experts invited from sectors such as: law enforcement, policy making, and animal welfare. Politicians from the major parties will also be invited. 

We hope that by hosting these events, we are empowering communities to share their personal experiences and ask questions of our panel on how changes can be made.            

 Find out more about our latest events and how you can get your free tickets. 

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