The League has a dedicated team campaigning on protecting animals in Scotland, who work alongside our teams in the rest of the UK.

Our main campaigns at the moment are:

  • Really banning fox hunting in Scotland
  • Reforming Scotland's grouse moors

Our team works closely with the Scottish Government, MSPs, civil servants and other key players.

Fox Hunting in Scotland

The League Against Cruel Sports won a victory when the Scottish Parliament passed legislation intending to ban fox hunting, the Protection of Wild Mammals Act, in 2002.

While there is no threat that the law governing hunting in Scotland will be repealed, the League has published the results of a two year investigation which we believe shows weaknesses in the law which allow hunting in Scotland to continue. 

We are convinced that the current legislation should be strengthened to ensure that packs of hounds are no longer encouraged to chase and kill wild mammals across the Scottish countryside.

We were pleased therefore when our investigations led to a Scottish Government announced a review of the legislation, led by Lord Bonomy. The League has been heavily involved with this review, including providing written and oral evidence, and submitting hundreds of hours of video evidence. In 2016, Lord Bonomy published his review, which supports key League calls on strengthening the hunting legislation in Scotland. We will be working with the Scottish Government to ensure the strongest possible protection for our wild mammals. 

Reforming Scotland's Grouse Moors

Revive: The coalition to reform Scotland’s grouse moors is a groundbreaking initiative created to challenge the intensive management of land across vast swathes of Scotland’s uplands. Almost a fifth of Scotland’s entire land mass is a grouse moor, and despite popular perception these moors are not natural. The land is intensively managed to create a habitat suitable for one wild species, the red grouse, which is effectively farmed to be shot for entertainment.

The coalition includes Common Weal, OneKind, Friends of the Earth Scotland, League Against Cruel Sports and Raptor Persecution UK.

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