Report Crimes against animals

Animal Crimewatch is a confidential hotline where you can report cruelty to animals in the name of sport by telephone, email or using the online form.

Our law-enforcement trained team will handle your information confidentially, it could;

  • Help our investigators bring offenders to justice.
  • Support our vital campaigning work calling for changes to the law to improve the lives of thousands of animals.

You can give information anonymously but it helps if you consent to leave your name and contact number or email address.

We guarantee your confidentiality, and any personal details we record will be retained in a secure environment to ensure your identity is safe. Our trained staff will reassure you through the process.

  • We won’t share your details without asking for your consent first
  • You have the option to request we delete any of your personal information any time after you’ve provided it to us
  • You have the option to request we don’t share the information you’ve provided with those with an enforcement capability

We treat all information confidentially and you may be eligible for a REWARD of up to £1,000 for information that leads to a conviction.


We need your help

  • Dog fighting: Do you have information about people that are involved in dog fighting, the locations of dog fights or information about any animal used or stolen for 'bait'?
  • Hunting: Information about where and when hunts are meeting, including in Scotland, information about cruelty to hunting dogs or details of foxes being kept for release for hunting, or artificial earths used to encourage foxes into specific locations?
  • Snares: Information about the use of snares and details of any animal caught in a snare including in Wales and Northern Ireland. Snares are mainly used on land where birds like grouse and pheasants are shot for sport.

If you see something that you think is a crime you should also call the police on 101. If you don’t report it, the police don’t know it has happened; and remember always ask for a crime reference number.

Head of a fox, a stag, a bulldog, a hare and a grouse  with black background

How to report

Our confidential Online Animal Crimewatch Form will guide you through the kind of information we need. Alternatively, please contact us in confidence on 01483 361 108 or email us directly on [email protected].


*As part of our Online Animal Crimewatch Form, we ask that if you use the what3words app, to add in the words to part of the form. This is not mandatory. What3words is a free app for your mobile phone that allows you to provide and identify the exact location of the crime you are reporting by generating three simple words that are unique to a three square metre point. This helps us understand exactly where you are referring to when reporting wildlife crime incidents.

Please note The League Against Cruel Sports has no regulatory powers to directly enforce the laws relating to cruelty to animals in the name of sport, however we have the capability, knowledge and skills to prepare investigation and evidential packages to share with those who do have enforcement powers. On occasions we may share the information you provide [BUT not your personal details] with those we work in partnership with.