There are 299 hunts still active in the UK despite the ban. Our interactive map shows you who they are, where they are and helps you contact your local council asking for a ban.

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Author: Adam Warren

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Author: Adam Warren

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Author: Adam Warren

Paul, Head of Conservation & Education at the League writes in his latest blog:

"It takes a certain type of person to be a wild mammal enthusiast and I should know because I am one.

For one thing, UK mammals tend to be nocturnal, or at least crepuscular (a great word meaning primarily active at dawn and dusk), which makes them difficult to observe. So, unless you are fortunate enough to have mammals visiting your garden, you need to put in a lot of effort to see them.

Mammals also tend to divide people’s opinions in ways that other animals don’t. Foxes are a good example. Most people are thrilled to get a fleeting glimpse of a fox crossing the road in front of their vehicle, but some people loathe them and spend all of their time trying to eradicate them. The same goes for Deer. It isn’t just a town versus country issue either, it is something much deeper than that in our psyche."

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