Hurting and killing animals for ‘sport’ is one of the principal causes of animal cruelty in the UK: tens of millions of animals suffer and die each year for ‘leisure’ activities. We are here to protect those animals.

Most people today would agree that deliberately hurting or killing an animal for leisure is plain wrong. So you would probably think 'bloodsports' have now disappeared from Britain.

Sadly you would be mistaken.

Cruel sports are all around us – we just have to open our eyes.

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Why we need to protect animals

There are millions of animals of all types that are victims of cruel sports.

  • Wild mammals chased until the point of exhaustion before being attacked by packs of dogs, which despite hunting with dogs being illegal in England, Wales and Scotland still takes place
  • Dogs forced by criminal gangs to take part in brutal and illegal organised fights, causing terrible injuries and a painful death
  • 'Big game' such as lions or elephants killed legally by hunters so they can bring their 'trophies' back to their home country - even though this ‘sport’ is devastating lion and other wildlife populations
  • 'Game' birds factory farmed and later released into the countryside, to be shot from the sky and die an agonising death
  • Animals forced to race against each other with great risk to their wellbeing for the benefit of betting spectators
  • Animals caught in snares set up by gamekeepers to protect shooting interests, which catch, injure or kill huge numbers of animals, including dogs, cats, otters, foxes, badgers, hares and young deer
  • Bulls publicly tortured and executed in bullrings in the name of sport, art or tradition

How the League protects animals

The League is one of the UK's best-loved and most influential animal protection charities. We’re probably best known for helping bring in the Hunting Act which made it illegal to hunt foxes and other wild mammals with dogs.Close-up of a brown pit bull

  • We investigate animal cruelty, often working at great risk, exposing and helping to bring to justice those behind illegal hunting and dog-fighting.
  • We campaign for stronger animal protection laws, and have successfully seen off attempts to weaken the hunting ban
  • We educate members of the public, government officials and elected representatives across the UK so that they better understand the ways in which animals benefit us all – and the ways in which they are cruelly treated
  • We protect hundreds of thousands of animals including foxes, badgers, deer and hares in our wildlife sanctuaries and areas where we own the 'sporting' rights, covering thousands of acres.

Why the League?

The UK likes to think of itself as a nation of animal-lovers. Yet criminals, pro-hunt organisations and the shooting lobby are still able to inflict untold suffering on wildlife and our pets - all in the name of 'sport'.

Here at the League we’re working hard to ensure we have effective animal protection laws that are properly enforced, we’re determined to make sure those who break them are brought to justice, and we’re doing everything we can to protect wildlife and other animals used in sports.

With your support, we can be even more effective in exposing criminals, convincing politicians, looking after even more animals in our sanctuaries - and bringing persecution of animals for sport to an end. Once and for all.

Animals don’t have a voice. But you do. Be part of a growing movement.