Providing protection to the defenceless

Standing on the side of animals, our aim is to make cruel sports a thing of the past. United, we can end hunting, shooting and animal fighting; providing animals with the protection they deserve.

Animals can’t defend themselves from cruel sports. But together we can protect them.

Driven by compassion and empowered by knowledge, we protect animals on our wildlife reserves, carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals, and campaign for stronger animal protection laws.

Protecting animals

Our wildlife reserves provide animals with a haven, one free of hunting and shooting. Home to array of animals, we provide protection through ‘sporting rights’, as well as providing an environment where wildlife can thrive.

Animal Crimewatch

Our team of professional Investigators work continuously to ensure that we have effective and enforced animal protection laws; gathering vital surveillance needed to bring those responsible to justice. Our confidential supporter-funded Animal Crimewatch service allows the public to confidentially report cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’.

Take action

We continue to educate the public and policy makers through high profile work in the media and expert behind-the-scenes lobbying in Parliament. We also protect animals through our campaigning; uniting voices to achieve change and strengthen laws.

‘If the League Against Cruel Sports didn’t exist, I’d have started it myself.’"

- Bill Oddie, OBE, President of the League Against Cruel Sports

Protecting animals in action

The last couple of years have seen monumental change in the prevention of animal cruelty. We have played a critical role in the success of strengthening the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill that saw the maximum sentencing for animal cruelty increase from a pitiful six months to five years. 

Alongside this, our campaign to end ‘trail’ hunting on National Trust finally came to pass. The motion to ban trail hunting at the 2020 AGM meeting gained 76,816 members' votes, a majority of 38,632 over the 38,184 who voted against.In Wales, a petition calling for a ban on snares signed by thousands of League supporters triggered a detailed inquiry by the Senedd Environment Committee in 2017. 

Since then, the Government have pledged to ban the use of snares during its current term of office. We believe these powers should be used at the earliest opportunity for a comprehensive ban on snares, including their manufacture, sale, possession, and use.

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