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Standing on the side of animals, our aim is to make cruel sports a thing of the past. United we can end hunting, shooting and animal fighting.

Animals don’t have a voice, but together we do.

Driven by compassion and empowered by knowledge, we protect animals on our sanctuaries, carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals, and campaign for stronger animal protection laws.


Badge: Protecting Animals

Our sanctuaries provide animals with a haven, one free of hunting and shooting. Home to array of animals, we provide protection through ‘sporting rights’, as well as providing an environment where wildlife can thrive.


Badge: Animal Crimewatch

Our team of professional Investigators work continuously to ensure that we have effective and enforced animal protection laws; gathering vital surveillance needed to bring those responsible to justice. Our confidential supporter-funded Animal Crimewatch service allows the public to confidentially report cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’.


Badge: Take Action

We continue to educate the public and policy makers through high profile work in the media and expert behind-the-scenes lobbying in Parliament. We also protect animals through our campaigning; uniting voices to achieve change and strengthen laws.

‘If the League Against Cruel Sports didn’t exist, I’d have started it myself.’

- Bill Oddie, OBE, President of the League Against Cruel Sports

Voices in action


For as long as hunting wild animals with dogs has existed, people have been opposed to it. The League Against Cruel Sports was founded in 1924 with the aim of banning fox hunting, stag hunting, otter hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing in the UK.


In the late 1950’s the League began investigating hunts and gathering evidence of the cruelty involved. It also purchased woods and fields in the West Country as sanctuaries for hunted animals.


In the 1970’s the League stepped up its political campaigning and soon secured strong cross-party political support. In 1978 a vigorous campaign helped to give otters full legal protection from hunting.


In the 1980s the League began undercover work with investigators posing as hunters to film and photograph the cruelty inflicted on animals during hunts, something previously hidden from public view.

The League also carried out undercover investigations into dog fighting and badger abuse. Although already illegal, these activities were gaining ground, and the League worked closely with likeminded organisations and the media to help stop them.


After a landmark League prosecution of badger baiters in the early 1990’s, the law was changed to strengthen the law on badger protection.


In 2000 the League played a prominent role in assisting the Lord Burns Hunting Inquiry and informing the parliament of the brutal nature of bloodsports. This culminated in the Hunting Act 2004 and the ban on hunting with dogs.

Since the Act came into effect the League has played a leading role in liaising with the police to help enforce the law, investigate hunting activities and in taking private prosecutions of hunts where necessary.

League Against Cruel Sports

In just the last couple of years, we took a leading role in preventing a back-door attempt to repeal the Hunting Act in 2015; revealed the ‘dark’ side of hunting when we found 16 fox cubs in a barn being prepared for the hunting season; exposed a hunt which threw live fox cubs to its hounds; exposed the stark conditions in which pheasants and partridges are bred before they are shot for sport, and much more.

We are still campaigning for a kinder society, where cruelty to animals in the name of ‘sport’ is a thing of the past.

United we can redefine what is acceptable and inspire change.

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