A dedicated team of professional League Investigators watches the activities of the ten mounted fox hunts in Scotland. The hunts say that they stopped encouraging their packs of hounds to chase and kill foxes in 2002 and that they now use the same packs of hounds to flush foxes from cover to be shot by waiting guns.

For the past six years our professional Investigators have recorded video footage showing mounted hunts encouraging their packs of hounds to search for and chase foxes without the meaningful presence of shotguns.  This led to the successful prosecution of the Jed Forest Hunt in June 2017. 

The Government began to be concerned that fox hunting in Scotland was still going on and commissioned a leading Scottish Law Lord, Lord Bonomey, to review of the Scottish hunting legislation.  We submitted over a hundred hours of footage of Scottish hunts and Lord Bomomey concluded that there was some evidence that traditional fox hunting continued.

In 2019 the Government announced that they planned to strengthen the Protection of Wild Animals Act 2002 by banning the use of packs of hounds. Unfortunately, due to the impact of COVID-19 this now can’t happen until after the next election in May 2021.

We continue to film Scottish fox hunts to keep up the pressure on the present Scottish Government to continue to strengthen the legislation if they are re-elected. We are confident that the public will continue to call upon all political parties to go into the next election to really stop fox hunting for good.