Hounds from Gloucestershire fox hunt savage wild muntjac deer at livery yard

Hounds from a Gloucestershire fox hunt ran amok at a livery yard recently and savaged a wild muntjac deer which had to be destroyed.

A police marksman was called in to shoot the deer after the shocking incident involving hounds from the Cotswold Vale Farmers Hunt on Thursday, December 29.

The distressing scenes involved the poor animal having a leg torn off during the attack by the hunt hounds.

A witness who saw the attack managed to pull the hounds off the deer, and it crawled into a bush before the police were called and shot it with a high velocity rifle.

A fox and a larger deer were also chased during the half hour the hounds ran out of control around stable yard and surrounding fields.

The appalling events unfolded at a stables north of Stroud.

Emma Simpson, who was at the yard that day, said: “It was really upsetting and left people traumatised – not many people would have the stomach to witness such unnecessary cruelty and I don’t think many people realise this is going on. It’s clear that trail hunting is just a smokescreen for actual hunting.

“Hunting laws need to be stronger to ensure hunting is properly banned so innocent wildlife can live in peace.

“The police were great, but there are too many loopholes in the law.”

Emily Lawrence, regional campaign manager for the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“It’s time for change. Gloucestershire is a hotspot for hunting with hounds and this needs to end to ensure that hunts can no longer wreak havoc on people and communities and savage wildlife.

“The League is running a campaign to tackle hunting in the county and this shocking incident is yet another reason why Gloucestershire County Council and Stroud District Council should take steps to ban it on public land this year.”

Local residents are being urged to sign a petition calling on policymakers to do all in their power to end hunting in Gloucestershire:


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