Why is the Ministry of Defence allowing hunting?

The Ministry of Defence licenses hunting with hounds on its land. In 2022 it’s not a statement I thought I would be opening a blog with, but sadly it is true. It is not a new fact, but you may be surprised to read. Sadly, when it comes to landowners, lawmakers and governments turning a blind eye to the hunting of wild mammals with dogs, a practice that was outlawed at the turn of the 21st century, nothing surprises me.

Enough is enough, it’s time for change. How can this government department still be allowing hunting to take place on publicly-owned land?

Hunts are allowed to operate on MoD land through a licence granted for ‘trail’ hunting. Despite the MoD’s claims of trail hunting being a lawful activity, it is in fact a smokescreen, used by foxhunts to get away with the chasing and killing of animals. The peculiar thing about these licences is that they are also granted to hare hunts, which do not operate under this ruse.

Trail hunting has long been exposed as a cover for old fashioned illegal hunting, and some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious landowners such as the National Trust, Lake District National Park and Natural Resources Wales have gone so far as to ban the activity. So why hasn’t the Ministry of Defence?

Watch the video below. Does this look like trail hunting to you?

More than 100,000 members of the National Trust voted to ban trail hunting on its land. The Lake District National Park was recently applauded for indefinitely suspending trail hunting activities on its land. Natural Resources Wales cited a loss of confidence in the hunting community’s ability “to ensure its activities are carried out within the law and terms of its agreement” and also confirmed its ban of the so-called ‘sport’ on its land. The Welsh government clearly doesn’t trust the hunters, so what is it about the UK government that causes it to turn a blind eye to what others know to be true? Trail hunting is a sham and a mirage.

Whatever the reason, it’s time for change. Please contact Secretary of State Ben Wallace and ask that the government stops licencing hunts on MoD land.

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