Is a phased ban on greyhound racing in Wales imminent?

The League Against Cruel Sports has made the case for a phased ban on greyhound racing across Wales, in a comprehensive submission to decisionmakers which set out the cruel reality of the so-called ‘sport’. 

This came as part of Welsh government’s recently concluded public consultation on animal welfare establishments.  

Wales has yet another opportunity to lead the way on animal welfare as it could become the first nation in the UK to introduce a phased ban on greyhound racing. There’s significant support from the animal welfare sector, the public and a substantial number of members within the Senedd.  

Our response reiterated the call for a phased ban mentioning that no amount of licensing can adequately safeguard the welfare of racing greyhounds.  

Despite efforts to regulate the industry, incidents of injuries and deaths persist. Recent reports from Greyhound Watch Wales have documented numerous incidents on tracks, including falls, collisions, and racing during extreme weather conditions, proving the inadequacy of licensing measures. 

There’s only one greyhound racing track in Wales, the Valley Greyhounds Stadium and it's propped up by the gambling industry. There’s very little, if any, public support for this abhorrent practice. A phased ban on greyhound racing is not only morally imperative but also aligns with Wales' commitment to high standards of animal welfare.  

The conditions are in place to call time on this cruel sport which has seen 1,000s of greyhounds suffer as a result. With over 35,000 signatures on a Senedd petition to ban greyhound racing, the Welsh public no longer supports an industry that perpetuates cruelty and neglect. 

Getting this far in the campaign to outlaw greyhound racing wouldn't have been possible without the publics support and campaigning, so I'd like to thank you for the part you’ve played.  

League supporters, in their hundreds, submitted their own consultation response using our email action, adding their voices to the thousands of compassionate campaigners across Wales who are calling for a ban.

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What’s next? 

The consultation period ended on 1 March, with government officials now sifting and analysing through the responses. We’ll shortly hear the outcome of the consultation, with an outline of next steps to be set out by Welsh government.  

With a brand new Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs in post, Huw Irranca-Davies has in his midst a great opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to animal welfare by bringing forward a phased ban before the next Senedd elections in 2026.

Support for the ban in the majority of the Senedd is there along with the majority of the nation. I believe, together, we can achieve another monumental win with a phased ban on greyhound racing in Wales a very real possibility. 

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