Meet our Supporter Services Assistant, Ellie

What’s your role at the League?

As a mainly admin-based role, I can often be found with my head in money-mode processing vital income for the charity. That being said, although my key responsibilities mainly remain the same, every day is different for me. As I am one of the lucky few who talk directly to our wonderful supporters, you never know what query might come up. One minute I might be discussing our latest win for animals and the next I might be increasing a supporter’s regular gift to us. It’s a real treat to speak to our supporters as, at the end of the day, we couldn’t do our work without them.

What are the team dynamics like at the League?

We have a close-knit supporter services team. We work very closely on a daily basis but also, I’m often collaborating with the wider workforce in order to ensure the best outcome for animals is achieved. Whether I’m liaising with our finance department to ensure all income is coded correctly or I’m seeking advice from the campaigns team for a bespoke supporter query, teamwork is key.

How do you manage work-life balance in your role?

There are definitely peaks and troughs in my role. When an appeal goes out, it’s a huge team effort to process income and all related supporter enquiries. Thankfully, we have a computer programme which makes online donation processing somewhat simpler and frees up more time for the offline donations. There are quieter periods though, and these are the perfect opportunity to do some personal development or even take some annual leave!

What are some of the common challenges you face in your role?

As with any job, there are going to be some not-so-good days. You might hear from a next of kin that their beloved relative has passed away or be on the receiving-end of a complaint. Thankfully, these situations don’t happen often, but they can still knock you a little. That’s where our furry colleagues come in! I find a dog cuddle can always lift your spirits.

What learning and development opportunities are there?

I’ve definitely developed as a person since I started back in 2019. I think my confidence has grown and I’m able to understand a lot more about the ins and outs of our work. There are plenty of development opportunities here at the League too. From the diversity and inclusion days to role-focused training, it’s really highlighted how keen senior management are for us to not only to be effective at our jobs but also be happy at work.

What have been your highlights since joining the League?

There are too many highlights to name but if I had to pick one, it would be cheering on our community fundraisers at different races. Not only were we applauding them for their incredible feats, but League team members and I were being celebrated by different charity runners too. It’s clear from the get-go how many people want the League to do well. Talking to supporters and hearing first-hand how much they value our work is truly heartwarming.

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