Fox Hunting: Who funds this cruel sport?

Fundraising for hunts must be becoming more and more difficult, not just due to the current climate we find ourselves in but because the public are becoming more aware of the cruelty associated with fox hunting.

Why would anyone want to fund fox hunting and the cruel and barbaric killing of wildlife?

Jumblebee, a fundraising website does.

A huge £200,000 has been raised for fox hunts.

In total, 18 separate hunts have used the platform raising £120,000. Additionally, Jumblebee held the International Hounds Show 2020, which raised more than £83,000. This money directly funded hunts all over the world, as well as the Masters of Foxhounds Association.

In March, Andy Knott, chief executive of the League, wrote to Jumblebee politely inviting them to end all association with hunting and to end all hunt auctions.

This letter was unanswered.

As a result, you, our wonderful supporters, leapt into action and sent more than 2,600 emails to Jumblebee asking them to stop funding hunts.

Not only that, but around 500 tweets were sent, and within four hours Jumblebee deactivated its twitter account. What has it got to hide?

Jumblebee has now removed all trace of hunt auctions from its website. We can only hope the company sees sense, faces up to the fact that fox hunts are not a good cause and removes all association with fox hunting for good.
Five other auction sites, including Auction Direct, GalaBid, and Give Fundraising have now gone on the record to state that they would not host an auction for a fox hunt. Gala bid has gone so far to state on its website that fox hunts are not welcome.

Past and present users of Jumblebee have informed us they will move their business elsewhere unless Jumblebee commits to stop funding hunts. More on this soon.

One of the hunt’s biggest fundraisers are point-to-point events that happen all over the country. Last year due to the pandemic many were cancelled but this year they are happening behind closed doors. There is a race dedicated to the local hunt on the day. The Masters of Foxhounds Association, of course is involved with point-to-point too. You can check out your local point to point here. Sponsors can be asked politely to end their associations with these fundraisers.

Jumblebee helped raise £17,000 to enable the Worcestershire point-to-point to take place. The League contacted several companies and businesses that donated prizes to auctions associated with hunting asking them to remove their lots. These “races” often have businesses that sponsor or support them which can be contacted politely and ask them to withdraw.
It is time for businesses to disassociate themselves from fox hunts and animal cruelty, a decision that would be popular with their customers.

Take action and contact Jumblebee today

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