Jacob Rees-Mogg: entertaining the hunt

It was caught chasing a fox on a nature reserve by professional investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports in January.

The footage shows a pack of over 30 hounds from the Mendip Farmers Hunt on the Draycott Slaights nature reserve near Cheddar in Somerset. The incident took place on January 26, 2019 – it is not known if the hounds caught and tore apart the fox.

Chris Luffingham, Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“Fox hunting, which was banned 14 years ago, is a cruel and barbaric pastime which should be consigned to the history books.”

“It’s sickening that it is still continuing in the British countryside – we have received 282 reports of suspected illegal hunting since the hunting season began on November 1.”

A photograph of the hunt meeting outside the Rees-Mogg country home was also obtained by professional investigators employed by the League and video was taken of the hunt leaving the property on Saturday March 2.

Chris Luffingham added:

“It’s nauseating that Rees-Mogg should be supporting such an inhumane and cold-blooded activity.”

“It’s clear that he is completely out of touch with the views of a British public that is overwhelmingly opposed to fox hunting.” 

Local residents have spoken out against the Mendip Farmers Hunt trespassing on people’s land, with its hounds running through gardens and attacking people’s pets.

Reports of foxes being chased and torn apart have been logged by a local group. Sarah, from Mendip Hunt Watch, said:

“The Mendip Farmers' Hunt have been allowed to terrorise the Mendips area and its residents for too long. Local people who do not agree with fox hunting have been intimidated if they have stood up to the hunt. Locals regularly have their land trespassed onto and their pets and animals attacked and even killed. It's not just foxes that are affected by this hunt; we regularly see blocked badger setts in the areas they are hunting in.

“Whilst hunting the Mendip Farmers' Hunt will take out with them 'terriermen' on quad bikes. They carry terriers in boxes on the front of the quads – which are used to illegally flush out foxes that have fled underground.”

Chris Luffingham said:

“Hunts are riding roughshod over the law and shamelessly disregarding the will of Parliament and the British public. Elected representatives should not be supporting or associating themselves with these unsavoury and criminal elements.

“We are calling for the hunting ban to be strengthened with the introduction of prison sentences for those caught illegally hunting. We need a proper deterrent to stop the barbaric activities of the hunts and we also need to close down loop holes that allow hunts to get round the law.”

Any suspected illegal hunting activity can be reported to the League’s Animal Crimewatch service here.

Alternatively, phone in confidence on 01483 361 108 or email on crimewatch@league.org.uk



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