Employer Supported Volunteer (ESV) Days

The League offers staff the chance to take up to two days paid leave to volunteer to benefit the wider community. It’s a win-win situation where employees, communities and the League all stand to gain from the collective effort towards social responsibility.

We believe that engaging in volunteering activities allows us to contribute meaningfully to causes we care about, enhances our job satisfaction and morale, and provides opportunities for skill development and personal growth, honing valuable skills that can be applied in our professional lives.

Here’s how some of us have used them in the past year:


I’ve made use of the employer supported volunteering days to travel and help BirdLife Malta during the raptor migration conservation and monitoring programme. The ESV enables me additional free time to help this worthwhile cause and ensure we can all enjoy the continued beauty of migrating raptors.


I used my ESV day to give me the opportunity to deliver a guest lecture to students at my old university on crisis communications – having a whole day meant I could travel to Bristol to do it in person and meet them all face-to-face. It was a really rewarding thing to do, and not having to take holiday in order to give something back was an added bonus. The day went so well I was invited back a month later to help the students prepare for a practical exam in crisis communications, and having met them meant I could do this over Teams without too much of a problem.


I used my volunteering day to carry out some work on the wildlife reserves. We painted, completed insect surveys and went on a tour of one of the reserves. It was a great way to get out in nature and really appreciate what is around you. It was also nice to be able to take a day to reset, away from a screen and do something to benefit wildlife.


I used my ESV days to offer mentoring assistance to job seekers, aiding them in securing employment by providing guidance on job applications, skill enhancement and career direction. It has been immensely fulfilling to support both young individuals embarking on their first role and those re-entering after a career hiatus. Beyond the reward of giving back, this experience has served as a valuable platform to hone my communication and leadership skills. Additionally, engaging with my mentees has broadened my horizons, offering diverse perspectives and insights into various industries. This reciprocal exchange has been enriching for both my personal and professional growth.

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