At the League we are challenging cruelty to animals that are involved in sport. The job of the Board is to set the strategy and provide the good governance that enables our dedicated and professional staff to meet our charitable objectives.

An effective Board requires a broad range of skills, knowledge and experience and the League has just that. We count amongst our number a biologist, a social scientist, an experienced hunt monitor, a chartered accountant, a former CEO and an HR professional. We are a diverse group of individuals with one thing in common; we are committed to defending animals from cruel sport.

Trustees are volunteers, and I am incredibly proud to be leading a largely new Board, drawn from our membership, that is both determined and able to guide our League towards a bright new future and to build on our success. We will do just that!

The Leagues Trustees at Baronsdown sanctuary

Tim Holmes - Chair

Tim Holmes - League chair of Trustees

I have a diverse international wildlife experience spanning 30 years and have an excellent knowledge of animal welfare. Being exposed to animal welfare issues has helped me develop a clear view on what constitutes poor welfare because of human intervention. I have a genuine commitment to animal welfare and my interests completely align with those of the League.

I am a compassionate and conscientious conservation biologist with an MSc in ecology on springbok in Namibia, and a PhD on the effectiveness of management of Australia’s threatened birds. My experience in wildlife management includes project management (reintroduction of northern hairy-nosed wombats, flying-fox management, environmental education in rural Namibia), compliance and law enforcement, and setting strategic direction for the Queensland Government on the management of threatened species.

While working in Uganda, I witnessed the realities of the illegal wildlife trade including encountering shipments of shoebill storks, chimps, parrots and monkeys. I looked after three illegally caught wild baby chimps in my home for six months before taking them to a chimp sanctuary in Zambia.

John Hughes – Honorary Treasurer

John Hughes - League Honorary Treasurer

I have been a supporter and member of the League for many years and animal welfare and preventing cruelty to animals – particularly those being persecuted in the name of “sport,” is a key passion for me.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with wide ranging business experience having worked in the profession, in financial services and more latterly as a business consultant. I have been finance director of a number of companies and have worked in the UK, USA and Malaysia.

I live in Devon with my wife and collie cross dog. I am currently a trustee of one other charity. I am a keen mountain biker and I rage when I come across the pheasant rearing activities on my rides on Exmoor or the stag hunting quad bikes ruining my rides on the Quantocks.

At the beginning of the 2018, I decided to “retire” and I am delighted to have been appointed a trustee of the League where I hope I can help the League achieve its mission of protecting animals against hunting, shooting and fighting for pleasure.

Astrid Clifford

Astrid Clifford - League Trustee

I have always loved animals and cared deeply about their welfare, and I am a long-standing supporter of many national and international animal charities. I've been lucky enough to care for foxes rescued by the National Fox Welfare Society and Wildlife Aid, and I joined the League as a member in 2004, before joining the Board of Trustees in 2018.

For most of my career, I have worked as an International Manager for the HSBC Group. During this time, I lived in 10 different countries and took on a range of senior leadership roles in all areas of banking. My last role was as CEO of HSBC Armenia, where I also served as a non-executive director of HSBC Bank Georgia, NASDAQ OMX and two local charities. After 22 years I decided to return to the UK for my young children to start school. I now work freelance as a banking consultant, which gives me more time to spend with my family and on voluntary work.

I live with three dogs, one cat, two rats, two sheep, two pigs, three chickens, 20+ fish and two children in the New Forest. My rescue lurcher is a “Pets As Therapy” dog and enjoys visiting humans in hospices and schools. I hate to see any animals (or humans) suffering, especially through deliberate cruelty, and think we all benefit when we learn to treat other creatures compassionately.

Caroline Hawkins

Caroline Hawkings - League Trustee

I have been a member of the League for several years, attracted by the fantastic impact it has on both the political and enforcement side of animal welfare.

I am a Human Resources professional, working across a variety of sectors. In the last 10 years I have supported leaders with maximising their leadership and management potential; helping them see the wood through the trees during challenging times and focus on their strategic goals and consistent people management.

I grew up in Devon. In my early years I volunteered for the local wildlife rescue centre helping catch and care for a variety of injured wildlife, in particular baby seagulls. This was an amazing experience and embedded my passion for animal welfare. I believe animals deserve to be treated with the same level of dignity and respect as any human.

Alan Tapp (Professor)

Professor Alan Tapp - League Trustee

Before joining the League as a trustee, I helped the League with its polling, writing a critique of the infamous Countryside Alliance claiming 59% said keep hunting! I issued the complaints to the Advertising Standards Association and the Market Research Society, which were upheld just before the House of Commons vote on the Hunting Act.

I have always been appalled by the abuse of animals in the name of sport and have let my local hunt know this on many occasions.

I have been a trustee now for nearly three years and I offer advice on marketing and fundraising. Other good causes I am involved with include the environmental and health benefits of cycling, the merits of 20mph speed limits and care for the elderly for Public Health England.

I live in South Wales with my family and support Cardiff City FC.