A sad week for wildlife as trail hunting wins again

Two cases involving foxes being pursued by a pack of hounds have revealed not guilty verdicts this week, renewing calls for urgent strengthening of the Hunting Act.Read more

Horses die again at this year’s Cheltenham Festival

As the Cheltenham Festival concludes today, the League comments on the horses that have lost their lives in this year’s racing event.Read more

Greyhound racing industry spin tries to hide 1000 dead dogs

Shocking new figures reveal thousands of greyhounds are being injured and killed every year in the racing industry.Read more

Appeal for more information on suspected dog fighting victims

An appeal for more information has been launched after three dead dogs suspected to be the victims of dog fighting were found dumped by a roadside in Bedfordshire.Read more

National Trust's 'broken promises' on hunting lead to nationwide day of action

Protests were held outside 20 National Trust properties on Sunday to highlight that hunts are still illegally chasing and killing British wildlife on the organisation's lands.Read more

League response to Government's bTB strategy review and possible extension of the badger cull

The Government has announced a review of their 25-year bovine tuberculosis strategy and has launched a consultation that could see the badger cull extended even furtherRead more

Six-month sentence for dog fighter is not enough

The League welcomes a jail sentence and lifetime ban on keeping animals handed out to a man for dog fighting and other animal cruelty offences, but says stronger deterrents are needed.Read more

League Against Cruel Sports welcome for Labour Party animal welfare plan

The League Against Cruel Sports has welcomed the launch of the Labour Party animal welfare plan which if implemented will bring in much needed protection for British wildlife.Read more

Puppy sales ban does little to protect animals from dog fighters

A ban on puppy sales by pet shops and other third-party dealers in England is being considered by the Government - but what are the implications for dog fighters?Read more

Charities welcome overwhelming public response to hunting consultation

Over 31,000 have called for the Scottish Government to introduce a real ban on hunting.Read more

Animal welfare report calls for tougher sentencing for cruelty to British wildlife

The League Against Cruel Sports has welcomed a report by senior MPs published today which includes proposals to treat cruelty to wild animals in the same way as domestic or farm animals with an increase in prison sentences.Read more

Convicted badger baiter runs North Wales fox hunt

The link between badger baiting and illegal hunting is exposed as a man in Wales is convicted of animal welfare offencesRead more

Shropshire Wildlife Trust in Hunting Controversy

The Shropshire Wildlife Trust sparked controversy recently after standing by a long standing trustee for hosting hunting on his landRead more

Is being a hunter at odds with pursuing a career caring for animals?

The League responds to the story of the trainee veterinary surgeon who posts smiling photos of herself next to animals she has killed.Read more

Historic vote to end grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor

Bradford councillors have voted to end grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor by an overwhelming majority.Read more

Police professionals called on to help end dog fighting

New advice helps police professionals identify and address the cruelty of dog fightingRead more

Six cats feared dead after animal sanctuary invaded by a pack of hunting hounds

It is feared that ten cats may have been killed after a pack of hunting hounds caused havoc this week after chasing a fox and a deer through an animal sanctuary near Hastings.Read more