National Trust Face Membership Revolt Over Hunting Licences

Hunts being allowed onto National Trust land could become a thing of the past later this year following an attempt by members to stop the charity from issuing licences to fox, stag and hare hunts.Read more

League’s renewed calls to Arsenal owner: take down trophy hunting channel

League Against Cruel Sports’ open letter to Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, asking him to take down his hunting channel MyOutdoorTV (MOTV).Read more

Victory for Arsenal – as owner drops plans to broadcast trophy hunting

Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke has decided not to show trophy hunting on his newly launched MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) channel.Read more

Birmingham Greyhound Track runs its last race

Midlands Greyhound track Hall Green Stadium held its final Greyhound race. The track is set for demolition to make way for houses.Read more

Hunting channel is "massive own goal" for Arsenal football club owner

Arsenal boss launches UK TV Channel featuring trophy hunting showsRead more

Is killing foxes something to celebrate?

The League responds to recent controversy when an image of 100 dead foxes appeared on ex-footballer and actor Vinnie Jones’ twitter page.Read more

Up to 10,000 victims a year – and no witnesses?

The League is calling for public’s help to investigate sickening wildlife crime - offering £1,000 reward for information that leads to a successful convictionRead more

Out of control hunt hounds attack pet dogs

Two dogs are recovering after suffering from an alleged attack by out of control hunt hounds in Somerset.Read more

Xanda, son of Cecil the lion, 'killed by hunter' in Zimbabwe

A little over two years on from the tragic killing of Cecil the lion, his son Xanda appears to have met with the same fate.Read more

League welcomes Environment Secretary's comments that he is “actively reviewing” current penalties for animal cruelty

In this morning’s oral questions to DEFRA, the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove was asked if the Government will commit to increasing penalties for people convicted of animal cruelty.Read more

PROFITING FROM PAMPLONA - UPDATED: Tour companies asked to stop making money from the cruelty of the Pamplona Bull Run

EasyJet, Airbnb and TripAdvisor among the companies identified by charity investigation as marketing the cruel festival.Read more

Government shelves plans to offer a free vote on repealing the Hunting Act

Eduardo Gonçalves said: “It’s a victory for common sense. The reaction during the election showed that the public don’t want a government messing around with the Hunting Act"Read more

Borders huntsmen found guilty of illegal fox hunting

Two members of the Jedforest Hunt in the Borders have been found guilty of illegal fox hunting at Selkirk Sheriff Court in what is the first successful mounted fox hunting prosecution under the law which bans hunting.Read more

League response to National Assembly report on the use of snares in Wales

The League would be keen to work with the Welsh Government on preparing legislation to implement a full ban on snares.Read more

Welsh Government to introduce badger culling on ‘problematic farms’

This decision goes against the current evidence that shows how effective the Welsh Government has been up until now in reducing BTB in cattle without culling a single badger.Read more

No mention of hunting in Queen’s speech

We are pleased to see that there is no mention of hunting in the Queen’s Speech.Read more

Has bTB been spread by hunting hounds? New evidence

Evidence that bTB – the devastating disease which has caused thousands of cattle deaths and led to the controversial badger cull – could be spread by hunting hounds is mounting following the release of new government figures. Defra reaction to FOIs leads to suggestions of a 'cover up'.Read more

New poll says opposition to fox hunting could change election outcome in many constituencies

Half of all voters are less likely to vote for candidates who want to make fox hunting legal again. A third of all voters are much less likely to support such candidates.Read more