Jacob Rees-Mogg: entertaining the hunt

The Mendip Farmers Hunt – which met recently at the country home of Jacob Rees-Mogg MP in Somerset – has been caught on camera fox hunting.Read more

National Trust cancels hunting licence for the Kingston Lacy Estate

The National Trust has cancelled its controversial hunting license for the Portman Hunt at Kingston Lacy Estate.Read more

Campaign group calls for urgent action to end muirburn on grouse moors

New footage shows Scotland’s uplands on fire as part of intensive management to protect game birds farmed for commercial shootingRead more

University of Wales suspends pheasant shooting

The University of Wales has suspended pheasant shooting following a campaign by the League Against Cruel Sports.Read more

Thurlow Huntsman convicted of illegally hunting a fox for ‘sport’ and assault

A huntsman in Suffolk has been convicted of illegally hunting a fox for ‘sport’ and assaulting a man attempting to stop him killing the animal. Another man was convicted for assault.Read more

Victory for birds and the people of Wales – as Court rejects shoot lobby’s challenge

Cardiff Administrative Court to uphold a ban on shooting birds on public land in Wales, despite a legal challenge by shooting lobby groups.Read more

It’s official: pheasant shooting ends on Welsh public land

A ban on shooting pheasants on public land in Wales comes into effect today thanks to a landmark decision by the largest Welsh Government body.Read more

Hunting hounds loose on busy Devon dual carriageway

Hunting hounds from a Devon hunt caused chaos and stopped traffic as they ran loose on one of Devon’s busiest dual carriageways at the weekend according to eye witness reports.Read more

Exposed: foxes left to rot in pits on Yorkshire grouse shooting estates.

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES Foxes are being caught in illegal self-locking snares and thrown in ‘stink pits’ to rot alongside the bodies of scores of other wild animals on a Yorkshire grouse shooting estate.Read more

British wildlife being torn to pieces

New figures show the scale of hunting with hounds across the UK. Hundreds of cases of illegal hunting and the killing of British wildlife by fox, deer, and hare hunts have been reported to a leading animal welfare charity since the beginning of November.Read more

League Against Cruel Sports intel on dog fighting leads to major BBC investigation

Major BBC expose reveals how dogs are being sold and shipped across the world – including to the UK – to take part in dog fightingRead more

Calls for Somerset hunts to pack up amidst horse flu crisis

An animal welfare charity is calling for hunts in Somerset to cease hunting in the face of the equine flu crisis, which has led to a shutdown of horse racing.Read more

Calls for blanket ban on hunts during horse flu crisis

An animal welfare charity is calling for hunting activities across the Britain to cease in the face of the equine flu crisis which has led to a six-day shutdown of horse racing.Read more

An interview with Lush - Who is Andy Knott?

Former trustee and current podcaster and producer, Charlie Moores from Lush figured it was time to go and ask the CEO of the League Against Cruel Sports, Andy Knott some questions...Read more

Hunting hound killed on busy A road

A hound from a Northamptonshire hunt was killed and another was seen running loose on a busy A road between Northampton and Kettering yesterday according to eye witness reports.Read more

West Country hind hunt exposed

Female deer being chased and killed by Devon and Somerset StaghoundsRead more

Countryside rejects ‘game’ bird shooting

Polling of rural residents in England and Wales shows shooting is a fringe activity.Read more

Thousands urge University of Wales to end pheasant shooting for good at its Powys campus.

The University of Wales is being urged to end pheasant shooting at Gregynog Hall, Powys, as the ‘final season’ of its controversial deed closes.Read more