MPs reject inclusion of animal sentience in Brexit bill

League response to MPs failure to recognise animals as sentient beings in vote on post-Brexit legislation.Read more

America Lifts Ban on Elephant Trophies

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has confirmed that the American government has reversed a ban on trophies from elephants killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia.Read more

League response to comments in support of bullfighting

The League's response to comments made by the UK Foreign Secretary in support of bullfightingRead more

‘Trail Hunting’ under the microscope as fox hunting season starts

The recent controversy around the realities and legality of ‘trail hunting’ sees hunts facing greater scrutiny this hunting season.Read more

Two men connected to Belvoir hunt charged with Robbery and Wounding

Two men have been charged over an incident at the Belvoir Hunt and will now face Crown CourtRead more

‘Massive backwards step for justice’ as National Trust fails to ban ‘trail hunting’.

Animal lovers have been left distraught after National Trust members failed to pass a motion to ban ‘trail hunting’ on Trust land.Read more

Under siege and ‘observed’ to death – the plight of Britain’s hunted stags

New League report exposes how stag hunts are continuing to chase and kill deer, by exploiting loopholes in the Hunting ActRead more

National Trust take note: trail hunting could be ‘effectively banned’ from Malvern Hills

As the National Trust vote on whether or not to ban trail hunting draws close, the Malvern Hills Trust, has revised its guidelines to restrict the activities of trail hunts on land it manages.Read more

Borders huntsmen drop appeal against fox hunting conviction

Two members of the Jedforest Hunt in the Borders, who were found guilty of illegal fox hunting, have dropped their appeal against the convictions.Read more

Government announces animal cruelty sentences will be increased to up to 5 years

The Environment Secretary Michael Gove, has announced that animal abusers who commit the most heinous crimes could face up to five years in prison under new government plans.Read more

Pheasant shooting season opens despite growing controversies

With ongoing claims of raptor persecution and illegal snaring on shooting estates and potentially around 100,000 birds being shot every day during shooting season, the time for an independent inquiry into the UK shooting industry is now.Read more

National treasures call on National Trust to ban hunting on its land

Stars of stage and screen rally in support of a ban on hunting on National Trust land.Read more

League disappointed as Hunting prosecution thrown out

A trial of three members of the Derwent Hunt was dismissed recently by a magistrate who ruled there was “no case to answer” due to ‘insufficient evidence’ –despite video footage showing the pack of hounds in full pursuit of a fox.Read more

Commitment to animal welfare in Scotland welcomed by League

Leading animal welfare charity the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland has welcomed the Scottish First Minister’s commitment to animal welfare in today’s Programme for Government.Read more

National Trust comes under fire after comparing blood sport to mountain biking

New League report highlights conservation damage caused by hunts – including allegedly spreading fox urine across the countryside.Read more

National Trust Face Membership Revolt Over Hunting Licences

Hunts being allowed onto National Trust land could become a thing of the past later this year following an attempt by members to stop the charity from issuing licences to fox, stag and hare hunts.Read more

Hunting hounds chase stag across wildlife sanctuary

Two hounds from a Devon and Somerset stag hunt were caught chasing a stag on to the League Against Cruel Sports’ wildlife sanctuary in Somerset.Read more

League’s renewed calls to Arsenal owner: take down trophy hunting channel

League Against Cruel Sports’ open letter to Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, asking him to take down his hunting channel MyOutdoorTV (MOTV).Read more