Scottish Government to review use of stink pits

A debate in the Scottish Parliament means stink pits will be reviewed by two working groups.Read more

Bovine TB, the badger cull and hunting hounds – the plot thickens

Following an outbreak of bTB in the Kimblewick hunting hounds, the disease has spread drastically in the local area. Given the severity of the disease, this evidence must surely warrant serious consideration? Apparently not.Read more

The Verdict's In - Fox Hunting Played Major Election Role

Fox hunting became one of the key talking points of the election. We campaigned for people to think about animals when they voted. How big a role did hunting play?

Read more

The weakness of Pro-hunt Propaganda

Pro-hunt articles have appeared a lot during the election campaign, mainly involving misinformation, false logic and errors (possibly deliberate). Here our Head of Policy neatly rebuts all the arguments to ensure those making the decisions get to see the truth.Read more

Don’t turn back the clock

Eduardo Gonçalves, League's CEO, calls to protect and strengthen the Hunting Act to save thousands of animals like Vinny the fox cub.

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Nature is full of surprises

You never quite know what you are going to see when you put out supplementary food for birds.Read more

Northern Ireland manifesto roundup

Find out where parties in Northern Ireland stand on animal welfare issuesRead more

Scottish manifesto roundup

All the Scottish parties have published their manifestos – but what do they have to say about hunting?Read more

Hunting Act has helped 100,000 animals - but it could have been 2.8m

A new League study estimates that the Hunting Act 2004 so far has helped over 100,000 animals, but if it had been properly enforced it would have helped up to 2.8 million animalsRead more

Snares and hunting at Holyrood

Last week, the Scottish Parliament discussed both foxhunting and snares. Here’s our take on what happened.Read more

Mixed bag for animal welfare in manifestos

While our Vinny the Fox has been getting on with his campaign, so have the political parties. The last week has seen manifestos released by the Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Conservative parties. We give our view on their pledges.Read more

The Race is On!

Whilst the rhythm of nature continues to beat, it always throws up surprises for those people who have their eyes open to see it.Read more

Bees are brilliant

Bumblebees do well on the League’s wildlife sanctuaries because we don’t use chemical pesticides and herbicides that kill the bees and the wild flowers they depend on.Read more

Election ‘May’ be crucial for Hunting Act

The upcoming snap election could prove to be the most significant ever for the Hunting Act.Read more

A call of nature

A Roe buck has taken up residence in the Baronsdown woods. Shy and solitary by nature, it is always a pleasure to have a chance encounter with a buck, a doe or a kid on one of the League’s sanctuaries.Read more

Badgers in the Brexit week

Since the badger cull began in England in 2012 many experts have had a say about whether this is a good idea, and most of them agree that it is not.Read more

Real sport to replace cruel sport at Wimbledon

Does the closure of London’s last remaining greyhound track this weekend signal that the cruel and outdated racing industry is finally on its last legs?Read more

’Keep up the good work’, Scottish First Minister tells League

Over the last few weeks, the League Scotland have been speaking to MPs and MSPs at Scottish party conferences, with some encouraging results.Read more