Why I'm taking on the Trust

National Trust member Helen Beynon shares her experience of campaigning to ban hunting on Trust land.Read more

Hunting, trespass and the National Trust

The National Trust is failing to tackle hunting on its land - now trespassing hunts even seem to be rewarded with licences to continue.Read more

Plenty of positives but more to do in Labour's animal welfare proposals

We welcome the Labour Party's new animal welfare proposals, but there are some areas in which they could go further.Read more

Unlucky for hunts as Hunting Ban Turns 13

Hunting was banned in England and Wales 13 years ago - so it's about time hunts stopped killing animals.Read more

A birthday surprise

Wildlife is under attack on all fronts. If it isn't the hunters with their dogs or the gamekeepers and farmers with their guns, traps, snares and poisons, it is road traffic taking its toll.Read more

Come on, February!

This is the worst time of the year for Red Deer, as the winter seems to drag on forever and the last bit of nutrition drains out of the remaining vegetation.Read more

On World Wetlands Day, let's hear it for the mallards

This World Wetlands Day, let's remember the mallard, the forgotten victim of the shooting industry.Read more

MPs highlight illegal hunting under the guise of trail hunting

The false alibi of trail hunting is rising up the agenda, as focus moves beyond defence of the hunting ban towards the need for strengthening.Read more

Game over: time for landowners to call time on grouse shooting

Bradford Council must be commended in the highest of terms for its decision to end grouse shooting on world-renowned Ilkley Moor says campaigner Luke SteeleRead more

Natural England’s absurd ‘Witness Protection Scheme’ for Hen Harrier Chicks

A new licence issued by Natural England will offer even more protection to grouse rather than tackling the issue of hen harrier persecutionRead more

Working together for animal protection post-Brexit

As animal welfare reaches a crossroads with Brexit, charities are making a joint call for the Government to maintain and enhance our protections for animals.Read more

A Wild Winter’s Tale

This Winter has tried its hardest to make life difficult for the human and non-human inhabitants of the League Against Cruel Sports wildlife sanctuaries.Read more

The shame of being a hunt supporter

The lack of condemnation of violence from the hunting community just goes to prove what we already know – they’re all in it together.Read more

New year message to supporters

In 2018, League Against Cruel Sports needs to lead the fight against animal persecution and animal abusers. The League's supporters are the lifeblood of our movement.Read more

Looking back on 2017 - looking forward to 2018

For the first time in many years, the League and the rest of the anti-hunting movement finds itself on the front foot.Read more

Boxing Day ‘hunt’ tradition is a festive deception

With more than 80% of the public in rural areas supporting the ban on hunting – many people out watching the hunts this Boxing Day will not be there for the reason the hunts claim they are.Read more

Fox, lies and video evidence

This blog post corrects many errors published in a December 2017 Metro’s article about fox hunting, in which it confuses trail hunting, drag hunting and clean boot hunting. The post sets the record straight regarding recent incidents of hunt violence and intimidation, and rebukes some of the mistruths perpetuated by the pro-hunt lobby.Read more

On the trail of the hunts

It’s been an eventful fortnight in Scotland, with growing pressure on the Government to ban hunting once and for all.Read more