A safe haven for wildlife

Paul Tillsley, the League's Head of Conservation and Education, discusses the many highlights in our sanctuaries and how they make wonderful safe havens for an array of wildlife. Read more

Campaign against Euro Tunnel gathers steam

Euro Tunnel are shipping day-old pheasant chicks into the UK for shooting. But what is being done to stop it? Read more

Stag saved thanks to League sanctuary

League investigator Darryl Cunnington shows how vital our sanctuaries are in saving the lives of stags being chased by huntsmen. Read more

End trophy hunting at Woburn

Following the recent bank holiday demonstration which saw the League and Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting take a stand against trophy hunting, Emily Lawrence our Regional Campaigns Manager describes the successful day. Read more

“For the Silent” launch

Emily Lawrence, our Regional Campaigns Manager described the hugely positive launch of Indigo Dreams' “For the Silent” anthology of poems in aid of the League. Read more

Progress is paramount

Wildlife aficionado, conservationist and President of the League Against Cruel Sports, Bill Oddie, has written a fantastic new blog about the progress and influence of the League whilst being in a world where bloodsports is rife. Read more

Game bird shoots lose ‘licence to kill’

Following last week's controversial announcement made by Natural England on the withdrawal of licenses to routinely kill wild birds on game bird shooting estates, Nick Weston, Head of Campaigns at the League gives us an insight into general shooting licenses. Read more

Deer park visitors horrified to learn of Trophy Hunting

League volunteers joined up with Bedfordshire Against Trophy Hunting (BATH) to raise awareness of the issue of trophy hunting that is taking place at Woburn Deer park. Read more

Shooting under pressure in Wales

Read the latest from our Senior Public Affairs Officer, Bethan Collins, as she gives the latest in Wales describing how the shooting industry is under increasing pressure. Read more

Trophy hunting is exploitation, not conservation

Following Saturday's march for the survival of wildlife, our Regional Campaign Manager, Emily Lawrence describes the disturbing reality of trophy hunting as it happens here in the UK under our very noses. Read more

Bloodlust - the sheer brutality of staghunts

Read the latest from our Head of Conservation and Education, Paul Tillsley as he describes the intense, brutal scenes of a stag hunt. Read more

Calling out cruelty – MPs debate illegal hunting

Deceit, subterfuge, cruelty. Those were the words which rang out in Parliament as MPs called out illegal hunting and advocated for a strengthening of the ban on hunting with dogs. Read more

Dog fighters are breeding dogs to get around the Dangerous Dogs Act

His name was Baddy. Baddy was a Pitbull Terrier used by a dogfighting gang motivated by a love of violence and the chance to gamble large sums of money on the outcome of fights. Read his story here. Read more

A sense of optimism: marching for change

Marching through the streets to make their voices heard, Jac Freeman, Regional Campaign Manager at the League and many supporters joined up with Devon Against Hunting to march through Exeter city centre in a bid to call on the strengthening of the Hunting Act. Read more

Why grouse shooting is bad for the Scottish countryside

Problems of social justice and animal welfare trump any number of positives about grouse shooting says Robbie Marsland, our Director for the League Against Cruel Sports Scotland. Read more

Stronger together, united we march

Recently, wonderful volunteers from our Bristol Supporter Group joined the Strengthen the Ban march to unite against animal cruelty in the name of 'sport' and lend a voice to the voiceless. With the overarching goal being to #StrengthenTheBan, read about how the march went all about the march here and how you can get involved in the future. Read more

United to End Horse Deaths

The reality of horse racing is a brutal one. Many horses die as a result of their injuries. Read the latest blog from our Regional Campaign Manager, Emily Lawrence, who teamed up with the League Gloucestershire group and other local activists to campaign against the Cheltenham Festival. Read more

A beacon of hope

"Thanks to the generosity of League supporters we can continue to provide some respite for wildlife, where it can go about its daily life without being harassed by humans." Read the latest from Paul Tillsley, our Head of Conservation & Education speaks about what is going on at our wildlife sanctuaries and how important these safe havens are. Read more