A licence to kill? Hunting on National Trust land

The last thing our precious wildlife needs is another season living in danger of being chased and killed by hunts. Yet the National Trust continues to put wildlife at risk as it licences hunting for another year and fails to take members’ concerns seriously enough.Read more

Why don’t hunters change to drag or clean boot hunting?

Why is it that so many hunters insist on chasing foxes instead of switching to a non-lethal alternative? Nick Weston, our Head of Campaigns, explains what clean boot, or blood hound hunting and drag hunting is. Why it is a non-lethal form of hunting and how it is most definitely NOT to be confused with ‘trail’ hunting.Read more

Winter may be coming but that won’t stop us speaking up for greyhounds!

Read our latest blog as Jac Freeman our Regional Campaigns Manager, describes the reality of the greyhound industry and scenes as the League and Stop Swindon Greyhound Racing joined forces in protest against greyhound racing.Read more

A matter of trust?

As you may have seen the recent articles in the Times newspaper, Darryl Cunnington, our Head of Field Operations, who had his neck broken by hunt supporters, wanted to let you know the other side of the story.Read more

Anti-hunting rally in Paris on Saturday 13th October

France has Europe’s biggest hunting problem, and leading the campaign to change that is French animal rights association One Voice, the organisers of this rally. Read on to hear from One Voice’s founder about why urgent action is needed, and how you can get involved.Read more

Why The League were Walking For Wildlife

Around 10,000 people took to the streets of London on a soggy September day last weekend, and for a great cause.Read more

New funding scheme for rescue centres caring for dogs involved in dog fighting.

The League is launching a scheme to provide funding of up to £500 to help meet the costs of caring for each dog that has sadly fallen victim to the horrific "sport" that is dog fighting.Read more

Summer draws to a close on Baronsdown

As Summer comes to an end and the nights start drawing in, Paul Tillsley, our Head of Conversation and Education, looks back on the last few months and looks forward to the start of the annual Red Deer rut.Read more

Badgers need us now more than ever

The badger cull has been extended to a total of 31 zones meaning over 40,000 badgers could be killed by the end of this year. Our Regional Campaign Manager, Emily Lawrence, talks about how she is helping stop this and how you can get involved too.Read more

Scottish public shocked and disgusted by cub hunting

The League's Scotland supporter group have been busy exposing the hidden horror of fox hunting, cub hunting. Find out how they've been getting on and where you can find them next in their new blog.Read more

The League at Pup Aid 2018

The amount of support we had at Pup Aid 2018 was fantastic! It was great to meet compassionate, like-minded individuals who wanted to know more about our campaigns and what it is they can do to give a voice to these animals and help put a stop to cruel ‘sports’ such as dog fighting, greyhound racing and hunting.Read more

It’s never acceptable to give dogs away ‘free to a good home’ on social media

Dog fighting is an horrendous ‘sport’ where dogs are forced to fight, often to the death, for the enjoyment of on-lookers and so that illegal bets can be made on the outcome of the fight. Our Programme Manager, Suzanne Heaney speaks about this and the issues and consequences of people giving dogs away 'free to a good home' online.Read more

Shooting industry turns on itself ahead of partridge season.

With Partridge season starting in September, it's time for an analysis of the crumbling lies of the shooting industry.Read more

Hunting hounds – the (not so) secret reason farmers can’t control disease

The painful truth about disease in the UK countryside. A new blog on the realities behind disease among farm animals, which causes death and financial loss on a huge scale. Find out why and how as Chris Pitt, our Deputy Director of Policy, Communications & Campaigns explains.Read more

A busman's bank holiday: campaigning for grouse

This August Bank Holiday, a team of League staff and volunteers canvased the Yorkshire tourist hot spots to raise awareness about grouse shooting.Read more

Cub Hunting: Just when you think fox hunting couldn’t get any worse

There is one part of hunting with hounds that is rarely spoken about. Something so sordid that even the hunters don’t want their supporters to know about as it will be too hard to stomach.Read more

The League ruffles feathers about hunting at Birdfair

Emily Lawrence, our Regional Campaign Manager gives an insightful account on her time at Birdfair 2018, featuring presentations from Director of Investigations, Martin Sims, on the Hunting Act: 13 Years On.Read more

The League is growing and we need your help!

Our Regional Campaign Manager for the West Midlands and central England, Emily Lawrence, explains how you can campaign for the League and get involved in events taking place all across the country in her blog.Read more