The story behind the headlines: What the Brexit bill means for animal sentience

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Hunt Havoc: The Human Impact of Illegal Hunting

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What is the National Trust doing to prevent illegal hunting?

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National Trust vote is the beginning of the end for trail hunting

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We are winning the arguments in the National Trust hunting debate

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Comedians and coughing - our round-up of Conference Season

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Tally Ho! Time to REALLY ban fox hunting in Scotland

Tally Ho! Is not a shout you expect to hear in Scotland. But that’s what a team of the League’s investigators recorded a huntsman shouting as he encouraged his pack of hounds after a fox in the Scottish Borders earlier this year.Read more

How illegal deer hunts in England avoid prosecution

An effective loophole to the hunting ban has now been exposed.Read more

A special message to National Trust supporters from Chris Packham

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October brings change

The emphasis for animals and plants alike quite suddenly becomes all about preparing for winter. Fungi appear as if by magic overnight and there is a different smell to the air now too.Read more

Bringing the campaign for a real hunting ban to Scotland’s high streets

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Is the message getting through to the National Trust?

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Scottish Government to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty

The Scottish Government has promised to increase the maximum sentence for animal cruelty in Scotland. It’s time for Westminster to follow suit.Read more

Making hay while the sun shines

We always leave grass cutting until late in the summer to allow the insects, birds and small mammals plenty of time to breed.Read more

National Trust – What you need to know before you vote

National Trust members will soon vote on whether or not to ban trail hunting on NT land. The NT are asking members not to ban it - we look at their arguments.Read more

National Trust members have a chance to vote for cruelty-free future

Many National Trust members will have been shocked recently to find out that hunting is allowed on Trust land. Every year, the Trust issues licences for ‘trail hunting’ in these protected areas – last year it was 79.Read more

In addition to lies, what else do trail hunts lay?

Hunting with dogs was banned in England and Wales by the Hunting Act 2004... but hunting with dogs continues until today. So how to they get away with it?Read more

How bad are hunts for conservation?

Killing wild animals inhumanely is not good for wildlife. You cannot conserve natural ecosystems if you are negatively affecting the native wildlife in them.Read more