Inglorious Twelfth: the grouse shooting industry’s shaky foundations

In the future we’ll look back disdainfully at the practice, and justifications, of shooting animals and birds for ‘sport’. I hope that future isn’t too far off.Read more

Predators and primal emotions

Some of us are captivated by their beauty, their majesty, their adaptability or their tenacity; whilst others fear predators, or loathe them and do everything they can to destroy them.Read more

Arsenal boss Stan Kroenke has shot himself in foot with bloodsports channel

This should be the time of year when Arsenal fans start talking about trophy hunting – but not the sort that's been splashed across the media over the past 24 hours.Read more

It’s time for the Government to increase penalties for dog fighting

Tougher sentences for dog fighting could provide a real deterrent for this brutal form of abuse.Read more

Accidental wildlife

Spend 15 minutes counting butterflies in your garden or in your local park and send the results to the Big Butterfly Count run by Butterfly Conservation until 6th August.Read more

The Balearic Islands ban bullfighting, in a very clever way

The Parliament of the Balearic Islands just passed a new Act to regulate bullfighting, banning it de facto in all the islands, including Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.Read more

Up to 10,000 murders a year – no witnesses. The dark secret of cub hunting

Every autumn, across the UK, something despicable happens during early mornings or late evenings, when it is still dark.

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Was that summer?

Ringlet and Meadow Brown butterflies suddenly appeared in large numbers on the fields and I was treated to a Humming-bird Hawk-moth feeding on nectar-rich flowers.Read more

Do what the bulls can’t - run miles away from Pamplona in July

During an entire week dozens of bulls will be abused and killed in Pamplona using a long sequence of gruesome methods.Read more

Anniversary of Cecil the Lion’s death revives call for government to take stance on animal trophy imports

In the run up to the 2nd anniversary of Cecil the Lion’s death, the League’s Head of Policy and Research Jordi Casamitjana discusses the government’s commitment to ban lion trophy imports by the end of 2017.Read more

A summer gathering

It was great to welcome so many League supporters to Baronsdown last week; some people who have been friends of the League’s wildlife sanctuaries for a very long time and some people who were visiting for the first time.Read more

Scottish Government to review use of stink pits

A debate in the Scottish Parliament means stink pits will be reviewed by two working groups.Read more

Bovine TB, the badger cull and hunting hounds – the plot thickens

Following an outbreak of bTB in the Kimblewick hunting hounds, the disease has spread drastically in the local area. Given the severity of the disease, this evidence must surely warrant serious consideration? Apparently not.Read more

The Verdict's In - Fox Hunting Played Major Election Role

Fox hunting became one of the key talking points of the election. We campaigned for people to think about animals when they voted. How big a role did hunting play?

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The weakness of Pro-hunt Propaganda

Pro-hunt articles have appeared a lot during the election campaign, mainly involving misinformation, false logic and errors (possibly deliberate). Here our Head of Policy neatly rebuts all the arguments to ensure those making the decisions get to see the truth.Read more

Don’t turn back the clock

Eduardo Gonçalves, League's CEO, calls to protect and strengthen the Hunting Act to save thousands of animals like Vinny the fox cub.

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Nature is full of surprises

You never quite know what you are going to see when you put out supplementary food for birds.Read more

Northern Ireland manifesto roundup

Find out where parties in Northern Ireland stand on animal welfare issuesRead more