Will the Government’s ‘gold standard’ of welfare extend to wild animals?

Government response to MPs’ report misses opportunity to increase protection and clarity for wild animal welfare.Read more

New research reveals extent of dog fighting in the USA

New research estimates that hundreds of thousands of dogs in the USA are being forced into the brutal world of dog fighting – but public awareness of the ‘sport’ is very low.Read more

Open letter highlights League disappointment in Fabian Society report

Earlier this week, in co-operation with the Countryside Alliance, the Fabian Society released a report on how Labour can engage with rural voters. We strongly disagreed with the conclusions drawn in the report regarding animal welfare and wrote to the Fabians to highlight our disagreement.Read more

Well, what a week of mixed emotions that was!

Being able to admire a herd of red deer or witnessing a badger in daylight for the first time are some of the perks of living in one of the League's sanctuary. But to balance out the good in life there always has to be some bad. Last week, that bad came in the form of the Devon & Somerset Staghounds, who descended en masse at the League’s Baronsdown sanctuary chasing a stag.Read more

How illegal hunting is threatening the graceful Brown hare

The Hunting Act urgently needs strengthening, to ensure hare hunting and hare coursing don't continue to threaten the iconic Brown hare.Read more

Stop shooting ‘game’ birds on Natural Resources Wales land

A consultation by Natural Resources Wales is a chance to make clear that shooting has no place on Welsh public land.Read more

Celebrating 60 years of the first League sanctuary

On 21st March 1958, Joseph Sharp (secretary) and Edward Hemingway (chairman) purchased the freehold for Slowley and Side Woods in West Somerset and created the first League Against Cruel Sports sanctuary “for wild animals, particular those that are hunted.”Read more

Bringing the hare hunts to book

Keep your ears and eyes open, and inform the League through our Animal Crimewatch if you hear of any hare hunts that are taking place. Our investigators will do their utmost to bring the hare hunts to book.Read more

Exposing the lies of the hunts and the cruelty of their sinister terrier men

Fox hunting supporters like to conjure up an image of cheerful red coated riders on horseback and a pack of hounds enjoying a day out in the countryside. But there is a much darker side involving terrible cruelty to British wildlife as animals are still literally being torn apart by those packs of hounds. And following the riders are men on quadbikes with terriers in cages - the sinister terrier men.Read more

How The National Coursing Club Tried & Failed To Circumvent The Hunting Act

Hare coursing still blights the British countryside. It's not all bad news though. The Hunting Act eradicated a major aspect of this savage pastime. But it took a combined effort by the League Against Cruel Sports, IFAW, RSPCA & Police to enforce a law which coursing fanatics were determined to push as far as they could.Read more

There's something fishy about the hunts' claims of drifting scents

There are no drifting 'trails'. There are no 'trails' full stop. What's really going on is hunt havoc and the illegal chasing and killing of British wildlife.Read more

National protests against the National Trust

The National Trust AGM may have been last year, but unfortunately for the National Trust the issue of trail hunting has not gone away.Read more

Why I'm taking on the Trust

National Trust member Helen Beynon shares her experience of campaigning to ban hunting on Trust land.Read more

Hunting, trespass and the National Trust

The National Trust is failing to tackle hunting on its land - now trespassing hunts even seem to be rewarded with licences to continue.Read more

Plenty of positives but more to do in Labour's animal welfare proposals

We welcome the Labour Party's new animal welfare proposals, but there are some areas in which they could go further.Read more

Unlucky for hunts as Hunting Ban Turns 13

Hunting was banned in England and Wales 13 years ago - so it's about time hunts stopped killing animals.Read more

A birthday surprise

Wildlife is under attack on all fronts. If it isn't the hunters with their dogs or the gamekeepers and farmers with their guns, traps, snares and poisons, it is road traffic taking its toll.Read more

Come on, February!

This is the worst time of the year for Red Deer, as the winter seems to drag on forever and the last bit of nutrition drains out of the remaining vegetation.Read more