A new perspective on the League

What it’s like joining the team at the League? Like being thrown to the lions? Or running with the hares? Our new intern Chloe gives her unique perspective.Read more

A terrible case of déjà vu - stags caught in a vile human game of death

A poignant account written by Paul Tillsley about the callous hunting of an innocent, magnificent stag witnessed in Exmoor.Read more

Did you know League Against Cruel Sports owns nine wildlife sanctuaries?

The League own a total of nine wildlife sanctuaries, with Baronsdown being the largest – a tranquil 250-acre oasis in the heart of Exmoor National Park which is home to an array of native wildlife.Read more

Why we are asking Yorkshire Water to ban grouse shooting

The League has teamed up with campaign group Ban Bloodsports on Yorkshire’s Moors, to bring about an end to grouse shooting on Yorkshire Water land.Read more

Sickening scenes of stag hunting on Exmoor

Riders from the Devon and Somerset Staghounds have been witnessed chasing eight red deer stags across Exmoor.Read more

Gardening for wildlife

Paul Tillsley, our Head of Conservation gives us an insight into July on our Baronsdown - nature's been visiting close to home.Read more

Volunteer Voices: Why I volunteer for the League

After many years of campaigning to protect wildlife, Roisin Wood recently started for volunteering for the League. She's been busy attending demonstrations and hosting stalls at festivals, in her blog she explains why she gives up her time for the benefit of the wildlife and the League.Read more

Public shocked to learn of hounds health risk

Hunting hounds pose a real and significant threat to the countryside and farming communities. For the large proportion of people unaware of country shows links to hunting this came as quite a shock.Read more

Report back from the AGM

Mid year sees the AGM, an event that affords us the opportunity to engage with our principal stakeholders in the form of our membership, coming together with staff and Trustees. Andy Knott, our Interim CEO, talks about this year's event.Read more

Summer is no picnic for racing greyhounds

Over the past few weeks we have seen a raft of warnings from the RSPCA after dogs were left in hot cars – a breach of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). But what about racing greyhounds who are consistently transported, paraded and forced to perform in scorching temperatures? Do they not deserve the same protection?Read more

Running of the Bulls: Animal cruelty does not recognise nationality

With the Running of the Bulls it’s tempting to blame other nations. But perhaps we need to look closer to home, there are parallels we may not like.Read more

The badger cull - fighting from within

League Trustee, Andrew Wood, talks about how the badger cull came about and what he thinks of it.Read more

Greyhound Derby Protest

Laura Slade, a League supporter, attended the Greyhound Derby Protest at Towcester Racecourse. She recounts the experience in her blog.Read more

Summertime on the sanctuaries

Our sanctuaries have spring into life with the hot summer weather. Paul Tillsley, our head of conservation and education is lucky enough to watch it thriving. Here he gives us a beautiful insight into life on the sanctuary.Read more

Every day is Bring Your Dog To Work day at the League

Every day is Bring Your Dog To Work day at the League Against Cruel Sports. There is a lot of research out there listing the benefits of having dogs in the office, but for us it is vital. Animals are sentient beings and it is our job to campaign for their protection.Read more

No happy ending for Bambi

Despite the ban on hunting being introduced 14 years ago, roe deer are still being chased and killed by men on horseback with packs of baying hounds.Read more

League supporters drive us forward

‘Never volunteer for anything’, so the saying goes. But that’s what I did last year, pledging some time to the League Against Cruel Sports to play my part in saving animals with like-minded people. Little did I know I would end up managing the League, now into my sixth month.Read more

Top 5 things you can do to help end dog fighting

Dog fighting is an horrendous crime against man’s best friend. Here are five steps you can take to help end dog fighting in the UK.Read more