Simply Complicated

Robbie Marsland - the Director of the League Scotland has written an informative blog updating us on the current fox hunting legislation following the announcement on the future of fox hunting in Scotland. Read here to see his views on this.Read more

Shooting is in our sights in Wales

It's been a tumultuous year in Wales, with shooting being banned on government land. This is a major landmark - Bethan Collins looks back at how it happened, and what it means.Read more

Northern Ireland - the same or different?

Hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland. League NI's Janice Watt looks at what impact the country's turbulent political situation will have on the prospect of a ban.Read more

Hunting, shooting and consulting - our year in Scotland

League Scotland have been busy this year, working hard to expose illegal hunting and teaming up with a unique coalition to reform the use of grouse moors. Robbie Marsland reflects.Read more

With thanks to you at Christmas

Christmas time is here again, and it gives us the chance to share our reflections on a year of incredible change and to share our thoughts on what we are expecting to be a cracking 2019 for the League and the animals we hold so dear.Read more

A great Christmas gift idea to help educate children and young people about the evils of puppy farming and dog fighting.

The Evil Secrets of Chestnut Farm is an uplifting and engaging book for children aged 8+ to help them understand the cruelty involved in puppy farming and dog fighting.Read more

The hidden horror of greyhound racing

Nick Weston, our Head of Campaigns at the League, visited Hillside Kennels to expose the harsh reality of the greyhound racing industry.Read more

Where to start?

Our CEO, Andy Knott describes recent Trophy Hunting headlines whilst reading the League's insights in the news.Read more

Stag hunting as ‘research’ – a study in deceit

As a hunt is shown on the BBC chasing and killing a stag in the name of 'research', the League asks if it is time for the law to be changed.Read more

Autumn wildlife thriving at Baronsdown

As Deer Rutting season comes to a close, Paul Tillsley, our Head of Conservation and Education at the League describes the wonderful array of wildlife on the League's Baronsdown Sanctuary and what the month of October brought.Read more

Florida bans greyhound racing

Our Head of Campaigns, Nick Weston discusses the recent fantastic news as greyhound racing will soon be banned in Florida. Nick also talks about our awareness campaign supported by wonderful greyhound welfare groups as we raised awareness for greyhound welfare up and down the UK in on our ad vans.Read more

Grouse Moors - the case for reform

Ahead of the Revive Coalition campaign launch, Director of the League in Scotland, Robbie Marsland discusses Scotland's grouse moors and the launch of a new coalition of organisations dedicated to ensuring that these enormous tracts of land truly benefit Scotland.Read more

Vets see an increase in injuries resulting from dog fighting

New research suggests that nearly 15% of veterinary professionals suspected that they had treated at least one dog that was engaged in illegal dog fighting in 2015.Read more

Exposing the shooting community for what they really are - shameless killers

Nick Weston, Head of Campaigns at the League discusses recent outrage of American TV presenter's trophy hunting pictures alongside the British Association for Shooting and Conservation's approach to dealing with this.Read more

Campaigning to prevent animals being persecuted

CEO Andy Knott shines light on the positive as he was out on the front line with supporters at the National Trust (NT) AGM over the weekend, and then straight on to our Rutting Event at Baronsdown Wildlife Sanctuary.Read more

A licence to kill? Hunting on National Trust land

The last thing our precious wildlife needs is another season living in danger of being chased and killed by hunts. Yet the National Trust continues to put wildlife at risk as it licences hunting for another year and fails to take members’ concerns seriously enough.Read more

Why don’t hunters change to drag or clean boot hunting?

Why is it that so many hunters insist on chasing foxes instead of switching to a non-lethal alternative? Nick Weston, our Head of Campaigns, explains what clean boot, or blood hound hunting and drag hunting is. Why it is a non-lethal form of hunting and how it is most definitely NOT to be confused with ‘trail’ hunting.Read more

Winter may be coming but that won’t stop us speaking up for greyhounds!

Read our latest blog as Jac Freeman our Regional Campaigns Manager, describes the reality of the greyhound industry and scenes as the League and Stop Swindon Greyhound Racing joined forces in protest against greyhound racing.Read more