We say ‘no’ to snares and caged breeding 

Author: Mike Nicholas – Senior Communications Officer 

We are stepping up our campaign in Wales to end some of the cruel practices linked to the ‘game’ bird shooting industry as the Welsh parliament gears up to debate new animal welfare measures.

  The relaunched campaign will call on the Welsh Government to ban the manufacture, sale, possession and use of snares, and the caged breeding of pheasants and partridges. 

 Have you ever seen a snare? They are cruel, thin wire nooses laid by gamekeepers to trap animals they want to kill. Up to 51,000 snares lie hidden in the Welsh countryside at any one time, waiting to ensnare their victims. 

Sadly, three quarters of all the victims of snares are not the intended target species and protected species like badgers, or even pets such as cats and dogs, fall victim to them. 

Thanks to polling conducted by YouGov in 2021, we know that 78 per cent of the Welsh public want to see snares banned. That’s what makes this campaign so encouraging; it is winnable. The Welsh Government has committed to banning snares but we are calling on them to ensure this ban is as effective and enforceable as possible. 

Wales is also home to Europe’s largest game bird farm, where around 90,000 pheasants and partridges kept in cages for breeding often have less space than an A4 piece of paper each. 

The Welsh Government has committed to restricting the use of cages in farming so, together, we can campaign to ensure this applies to game birds too. 

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Wales has the chance to lead the way on banning brutal snares. If you live in Wales you can help by contacting your MS and urge them to back a complete ban on snares in Wales.

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You can also help the campaign if you live in Wales by joining one of our Welsh supporter groups and attending campaign events which are being organised across the country. 

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