The making of kindness

Made by kindness, to promote the power of kindness, this year’s Christmas campaign echoes everything the League stands for. 

With another year filled with uncertainty, many of us turned to wildlife for comfort like never before. We can, and must, hold on to that incredible feeling of joy we get from our natural world, reminding others of the kindness animals have shown us. This is the sentiment behind our Christmas campaign.


As a League supporter you know  animals are ‘kinds’ too. From humankind to foxes, from hares to stags, each of us different yet united by our ability to be kind.

Situated in a village Christmas fair, we follow a poem based on kindness, and how kindness is present everywhere we look. As we witness foxes playing in the snow, children sharing toys and a stranger giving up her seat to an elder, we are reminded that kindness is based on the choices we make. Our aim is to empower more people than ever to acknowledge this.

Becoming a mum during lockdown, I had the opportunity to explore my surroundings with my new baby. Providing comfort, I will never forget the selfless kindness wildlife showed when I needed it most. This was the inspiration behind this year’s Christmas campaign. That ‘for every kind you will find kindnesses.’ And I choose to be kind."

Jess Sims, League Against Cruel Sports

Bringing kindness to life

With our concept in place, our in-house design team partnered with Goya Studios to work together to bring the concept of kindness to life.

We were delighted that one of the League’s youngest supporters, Hero, was happy to give her voice to animals and become the animation’s voice over. A true inspiration, Hero’s compassion and enthusiasm echoed the campaign’s message of kindness. We are truly grateful to Hero and her father Edward for choosing to be continuously kind to animals.


I’ve always loved my foxes and I was so excited to be asked to help with the voiceover for the Christmas animation. I love acting, so it was amazing to be in a professional recording studio – starting in the sound booth in front of a huge microphone and hearing the instructions come through my earphones and then seeing the rough-cut of the animation, with my voice on it, being put together right in front of me. I can’t wait to see the real version up-and-running. I hope that the story of the animation makes people think about showing kindness to animals – especially foxes – and to each other."


I hope that our support for the League allows the team to create tools and programmes to teach younger generations to protect animals and create a kinder society – and that the younger generations can help some of the older generations learn those same lessons. We’ve all read about the damage we are doing to the natural world through climate change and deforestation on a global basis, but small changes on a personal level can make a real difference. And it can all start with a little bit of kindness."


If you haven’t had the chance to watch the League’s heart-warming Christmas animation, you can watch it here.

Kindness is based on the choices we make

Are you inspired by what you have read? Learn more about our current campaign – let this be your act of kindness this Christmas.

I choose to be kind

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