Supporters’ kindness – in their own words

There are many different reasons why someone might support the League; be it to help strengthen the Hunting Act 2004, or to help make sure that man’s best friend isn’t forced to fight. Whatever the main motivator is, there is one thing that unites you all – your compassion towards animals. 

Kindness is based on the choices we makes

This Christmas, donate knowing that your act of kindness will inspire others.

I choose to be kind

My heart goes out to them all, they need us, I have a deep love and compassion to help them, knowing I am helping them makes me so happy."

A deep love for animals

…because most wildlife does not speak human and yet they need to be communicated with as they share this planet. They do try to convey their needs to us; just listen to the blackbird in the morning or on the bird table, or the insects in their new bug hotel instantly hunkering down for winter saying 'thank you'."

A voice for the voiceless

I have a friendly fox which visits me and would hate it if anything happened to him. I live in the country and appreciate all the nature around me, and I don't want it messed with. My parents have badgers, deer, squirrels, boar, hedgehogs, frogs and more in their garden (not all at once!). I wouldn't want anyone to hunt my cats or shoot them. So why would I want to allow someone to do so to other animals? The League does a wonderful job, I'd hate to see the world without you!"

Appreciating nature

I love foxes and have had quite a few visitors to my garden over the years and sometimes the cubs! I have one at the moment who likes peanut butter sandwiches and jammy ones, sausage rolls, scones, eggs and dog meat - quite a feast. They are all beautiful and should live their lives in peace and happiness, not in fear of being hunted. Let's hope for a total ban in the future with no flouting of the rules."

Garden visitors

How can mankind hope to be compassionate to his fellow man if he shows no compassion to his fellow co-habitants of this beautiful planet? Give peace a chance."

Time for compassion

I think animals are just as important as humans and I don't think it is right to inflict pain on an animal or human. Animals have as much right to live as we do."

Just as important

Kindness is based on the choices we make

Inspired by what you have read, why not learn more about our current appeal – let this be your act of kindness this Christmas.

I choose to be kind

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