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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport

Scotland and Cruel Sports

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The Overview : the League campaigns against cruelty to animals perpetrated in the name of sport in Scotland – as it does in the rest of the UK.

Most of the legislation that the League campaigns on in Scotland is controlled by the Scottish Parliament, including hunting, snaring, and issues pertaining to conservation. The League makes representations to Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) on these important issues.

Current campaigns include:

Hunting with Dogs

The League Against Cruel Sports won a major victory in Scotland when hunting foxes and other animals with dogs was banned by the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002. Scotland is right to be proud that this ban came in two years before the ban in England and Wales.  While there is no threat that this legislation will be repealed, the League has published the results of a two year investigation which we believe shows weaknesses in the law that are used as a cover for illegal hunting.  This investigation led to a Government review of the legislation and the League submitted over a hundred hours of video evidence to the review. We are convinced that the current legislation should be strengthened to ensure that packs of hounds are no longer encouraged to chase and kill wild mammals across the Scottish countryside.


Despite a passionate and high profile campaign by the League and other organisations, the Scottish Government stopped short of completely banning snares in Scotland. Scotland now has more legislation surrounding the use of snares than anywhere else in the UK, but we continue to believe that this is not enough. Only an outright ban will stop animals enduring the horror of being snared.

League Against Cruel Sports Scotland's 2016 report into snares: Cruel and Indiscriminate: Why Scotland must become snare-free.


The League believes that shooting animals for sport is inherently cruel and that rearing birds purposefully to enjoy their mass slaughter is barbaric. Many other wild animals, including raptors, hares, foxes and others are persecuted by the game industry. We campaign to expose the unpleasant truths that the shooting industry would rather hide.

The League is a member of the Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare and of the Partnership Against Wildlife Crime in Scotland (PAWS).

For further information about the League's campaigning in Scotland, please email: