Hunting was banned in Scotland in 2002 and England and Wales in 2004. However, these bans have not been properly enforced, the attempts to eliminate or weaken them continue, and hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland.

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End hunting on National Trust land

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These licences have been temporarily suspended on National Trust land, whilst the police and CPS investigate the Hunting Office. The League will continue to campaign to ensure that the suspension becomes a permanent decision.

The League believes ‘trail’ hunting to be nothing more than a deception, and senior hunt officials themselves describe it as a ‘smokescreen’, which allows them to continue hunting live foxes.

If trail hunting is real then why are hunts and their hounds seen trespassing in people’s gardens, across busy roads and on active railway lines? Why have family pets been killed? Why have hunt employees been found blocking badger setts? Why are foxes, hare and deer still being chased and killed?

Take action

The National Trust has cancelled its AGM for 2020, because of the impacts of coronavirus and future uncertainty.

It is expected that 2020’s resolution to ban ‘trail’ hunting will roll over to 2021. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will continue to highlight the lie that is ‘trail’ hunting.

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The National Trust remains one of the only, if not the only, non-government conservation bodies to allow hunting on its land, with peers including English Heritage, Woodland Trust and Canal & River Trust not allowing hunting to take place.

Why have the National Trust licensed hunting?

The National Trust licenses ‘trail’ hunting on its land where it believes it is compatible with their conservation aims, and on the assumption that no animals are being deliberately hunted and killed. The League receives hundreds of reports every year which demonstrate that this is not the case.

‘Trail’ hunting cannot take place without any land to hunt on, or without the permission of landowners such as the National Trust.

What can I do?

Did you know that one in twelve people is a member of the National Trust? Each one has the power to end hunting on National Trust land, and you have the power to reach them.

Contact [email protected] to

  • Hand out leaflets/ Run a street stall
  • Join a supporter group

OR you can

  • Attend an event
  • Share on social media

Your actions can end hunting being allowed on National Trust land.