Hunting was banned in Scotland in 2002 and England and Wales in 2004. However, these bans have not been properly enforced, the attempts to eliminate or weaken them continue, and hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland.

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End hunting on National Trust land

For years the National Trust has licensed ‘trail’ hunting on its land. Hunts claim this is a legitimate activity, but if trail hunting is real, why are foxes still being hunted and killed?

Petition the National Trust

Explosive revelations contained within leaked Zoom webinars involving those at the heart of the fox hunting lobby appeared to reveal trail hunting is nothing but a “smokescreen” for the chasing and killing of foxes.

In the wake of this, the National Trust commendably suspended all trail hunting licences. But now it’s time for the National Trust to end hunting on its land for good.

Why have the National Trust licensed hunting?

The National Trust licenses ‘trail’ hunting on its land where it believes it is compatible with its conservation aims, and on the assumption that no animals are being deliberately hunted and killed. The League receives hundreds of reports every year which demonstrate that this is not the case.

‘Trail’ hunting cannot take place without any land to hunt on, or without the permission of landowners such as the National Trust.

Petition the National Trust

Want to do more?

Did you know that one person in 12 is a member of the National Trust? Each one has the power to end hunting on National Trust land, and you have the power to reach them.
This October members will have the opportunity to vote to end hunting on National Trust land.

Please join us on the UK streets as we raise awareness of this crucial vote.

Or you can host an event of your own: please contact [email protected]