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We work to expose and end the cruelty inflicted on animals in the name of sport


Britain's Canned Hunting Industry

100,000 birds killed every day during the shooting season, the senseless massacre of wildlife on a massive scale, dubious financial claims and significant animal welfare abuses - our new report - "The Case Against Bird Shooting" - exposes the true nature of commercial shooting. This is Britain's canned hunting industry.

The report dispels the myth that the shooting of pheasants, partridges and grouse is a ‘wholesome traditional sport providing free range game for the pot’, and instead reveals a massive factory farming industry which is having a huge impact on both the birds and millions of other animals, from birds of prey to hares and domestic pets. Key points from the report show:

Game Bird Suffering

  • On average, over 100,000 birds shot and killed every day during the shooting season
  • Many are dumped when killed – it’s one for the pit, not one for the pot
  • 40% of birds shot are wounded, not killed outright

Wildlife Massacre

  • 200 wild and domestic animals snared every hour to ‘protect’ game birds – that’s one every 20 seconds
  • Mountain hares and hen harriers targeted by game keepers: both now threatened with extinction

Environmental Destruction

  • Total weight of birds released to be shot each year is greater than weight of all native birds combined
  • Burning grouse moors pollutes rivers, contributes to climate change and can lead to urban flooding

Overstated Economics

  • Game estates receive government subsidies under agri-environment schemes
  • Shotgun licence costs £50 – but costs £200 to process, leading to £19m annual cost to taxpayer

Here are some ways in which you can take action against Britain's Canned Hunting Industry. Click on the images:

 Ban Driven Grouse Shooting

Take Action Against Snares

In addition to calling for an independent review into the commercial shooting industry, the League Against Cruel Sports is also calling for:

  • A ban on breeding cages for game birds
  • A ban on the live transport of game birds
  • A ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares
  • A ban on driven grouse shooting

Exposé - Britain's Canned Hunting Industry