Animals don’t have a voice, but together we do.


The brutality of deer hunting is celebrated by those who hunt them. They are perceived as nothing more than trophies.

Here to protect animals from being harmed or killed in the name of sport, we believe that every animal deserves to be heard. Together, we can make enough noise to put an end to the cruelty of hunting. Together, we can give a voice to animals.


Every animals deserves to be heard

Each hunt lasts an average of three hours and often ends due to the chased animal being exhausted. Deer hunts inflict some of the greatest cruelty.

In 2020 alone, we recorded an average of at least one deer hunting intelligence report every week.

The truth:

The chase

Running red deer stag

The pursuit consists of numerous chases. Exhausted, deer take rest when they feel safe; only for the hunt to catch up causing the animal to flee again. This sadly continues until they cannot run any more. The animal is then shot, their body carved, and parts divided as a celebratory act of the day.

The excuses

Deer: mother and calf

Although banned, hunting still takes place as hunts claim they are undertaking research. This exemption in the Hunting Act 2004  needs to be strengthened. If an animal is to be killed for research and observation reasons, why do hunts continue to inflict so much unnecessary pain in the form of a chase?

How your monthly donation will help

Your donation could help us to:

  1. educate the public about the reality of deer hunting today
  2. call on Parliament to strengthen the Hunting Act 2004
  3. fund our confidential Animal Crimewatch service, so members of the public can report cruelty to animals
  4. investigate those who persecute animals in the name of sport, bringing them to justice
  5. protect animals on our sanctuaries, a place where they can live freely from harm

For every £1 spent

Your support enables us to be a catalyst for change. Receiving no government funding, without your kind donations we would not be able to defend animals from a life of cruelty.

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By working together, we can make the voices of animals that much louder.