Meet the League's VIPs! Our VIP ambassadors are passionate about protecting animals and wildlife and help us with our work and raise awareness of our causes.

Bill Oddie - League Patron

We are proud that Bill Oddie, OBE, the nation’s best-known birder and multi-talented celebrity, wildlife presenter, broadcaster, writer, songwriter, musician and conservationist is our Patron.

Bill has been our Patron for many years, and we are extremely appreciative for everything he does to help us raise awareness of the barbarity of cruel ‘sports’ in our modern world.   

“If the League Against Cruel Sports didn’t exist, I’d have started it myself.”

- Bill Oddie, OBE, President of the League Against Cruel Sports

Megan McCubbin - Youth Ambassador

I am delighted to say that I am the new Youth Ambassador for the League Against Cruel Sports. I am truly honoured to join such a dedicated team and to help tackle some of the worst acts of wildlife cruelty in the UK. However, it is also a shame that such a position must exist in the modern day. I am a zoologist and wildlife TV presenter with a particular interest in animal welfare and the wildlife trade.

I will work tirelessly with the League to campaign for tighter legislations to better protect species from cruelty. It’s an issue so close to my heart and I am a firm believer that we must understand and love something first before we begin protecting it. The passion and determination at the League is unwavering and that’s why I’m truly honoured to be their new Youth Ambassador.