We are taking part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. It means that every donation made to the League Against Cruel Sports between Tuesday 27th November and Tuesday 4th December will be doubled.

This happens once per year and we need YOUR HELP to raise the final £25,000 which will help buy important security equipment for our sanctuaries – for prevention and prosecution.

To donate to our Big Give Christmas Challenge please make your donation no later than 12pm on Tuesday 4th December.


So, what is The Big Give?

The Big Give, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Alec Reed CBE, is the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. It offers supporters of participating charities the opportunity to have their donation doubled on theBigGive.org.uk. Since the Big Give launched the campaign in 2008, the Christmas Challenge has raised over £90 million for thousands of charity projects.

Why are we taking part?

We need to raise the final £25,000 to install urgently needed winter lighting and surveillance equipment on our Sanctuaries to monitor and stop those who trespass on our land with the aim of hurting wildlife. We recently experienced incursions from the Tiverton hounds and are fighting to prosecute the hunts involved. With better lighting and CCTV, our case would be easily proven.

We need our supporters to help us afford this expensive kit. With ten sanctuaries to manage, it’s just not possible to be everywhere we want to be and this will really help – for prevention and prosecution. Can you help us please?


For one week only, every donation you make will be doubled by the Big Give – but we only have until 12pm on Tuesday 4th December until the Big Give Christmas Challenge finishes.

Make your donation today and together we will help protect animals persecuted by cruel sports.

Please Note: Please don’t forget to click the ‘Double your Donation’ tab to ensure the Big Give matches your donation.

Thank you for your support!