From the League special investigations team - thank you so much for your support!

Dear [Donor_first_name],

Wildlife like foxes, deer and hares have no voice. They do not consent to being chased, ripped to pieces, or shot for sport.

That’s why your donation of [Donation] is so vital in helping to protect Britain’s wildlife. Your support will help equip League investigators like me, so we have the right gear to witness and speak out against animal cruelty.

Your donation is helping us act now in this cub hunting season

Right now, we need to travel to remote areas of the country and usually in the very early hours of the day to monitor highly secretive cub hunting meets.

Thanks to your support, we can hire vehicles to reach these locations undetected. And once we’re there, we can use the new equipment you’re helping us purchase – including radios, memory cards and camouflaged video cameras – to gather evidence of fox cubs being killed for sport.

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We’re out in the field because the animals need us to be there, watching over them. But the life of an investigator is far from glamorous.

Imagine hours of patient waiting, often alone. Remaining poised in uncomfortable locations such as a ditch or in a bush. Facing all elements, from scorching summers to freezing winters. Witnessing horrific acts of animal abuse.

My colleagues would be encouraged to see the support they are receiving from people like you, who appreciate their efforts and are prepared to stand with them. So please, click on one of the buttons below to send a quick message of support to the investigators.


Once again, thank you so much for your [Donation] gift which will help equip us over the coming months, and stand up for persecuted animals.

Best wishes,
League Investigator