Paul Tillsley, the Head of Conservation and Education at the League Against Cruel Sports, is fortunate enough to live on our flagship wildlife reserve, Baronsdown. A reserve that sits in the heart of hunting country in Somerset, which can make life interesting to say the least.

The long grass on his front lawn may look untidy to some, but it is deliberately left uncut to provide shelter to a whole range of creatures. If only it was so easy to protect all animals. The League’s wildlife reserves can offer refuge to some, but it’s costly…and that’s where you can help.

This year, Paul is going to attempt the South West Coast 50 Ultra Challenge to raise £50k for the League. He needs your help to keep his motivation going as I run a 50km loop with over 1600m of climb. His legs will be aching, his feet will no doubt blister, his start-of-race optimism will shift to survival and all he’ll want is for it to be over.

Your support will help keep him going.

Raised: £10,000 of £50,000

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    • He reaches the grand old age of 60 in February, first becoming a member of the League Against Cruel Sports back in 1984, some 40 years ago.

    • It is, of course, the centenary year for the League and his 25th year working on the League’s wildlife reserves (along with the invaluable help and support from his wife Michelle, who has contributed 100s of voluntary hours to The League).
  • August means the start of the stag hunting season and the stags that are unlucky enough to be picked out by the hunt will be forced to run for their lives. Some of the stags will be running over the same land that Paul will be running during the challenge, but they won’t have the luxury of stops to take on food and water or receive medical care should they need it. The stags will be driven on until they are totally exhausted, and their only relief will come from the barrel of a shotgun.

  • “I will fight for better animal welfare till the day I die, and the way I want to do that this year is to push myself to the same limits numerous stags are pushed every single hunting season. I will never be able to feel the terror of being chased to my death, but by raising money and awareness of cruel sports, I can channel the sponsorship money you donate to helping stop hunting for good. If you can spare anything, anything at all, me, and my legs (and heart!) will be very grateful.

    All sponsorship money will go to the League and I genuinely can’t think of a better charity to raise money for. I have worked here for 25 years, and this is not a job, or a career for me, it’s a calling. I have stayed for so long as I have seen our teams effect such incredible change for animals.”

You Can Help

Please support Paul in any way that suits you; send back the form, grab your credit card and go onto our website, or you can give my colleagues Ellie and Hilary a call in the office if that’s easier.

However you support Paul, however much you can donate, please know it will make a genuine difference to our work for animals. Please send any support you can by 15 July and if you’re currently working, don’t forget to ask your employer if they will match-fund your donation.

PSThe target is to raise £50k for running 50km. Please send any support you can by 15 July and if you’re currently working, don’t forget to ask your employer if they will match-fund your donation. Just ask them, they’ll know what I mean! Thank you.

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