Results of the 2020 photography competition

In July 2020 we invited you to take a snapshot of the beautiful birds, marvellous mammals and wonderous wildlife in your local area so we could preserve the peace and prosperity animals have experienced during lockdown.

Hundreds of you took the time to submit your photos and we have been impressed and inspired by the wide range of flora and fauna you have witnessed. The judges had a tough job deciding the three winners but we are pleased to announce the results are in!

WINNER: Beautiful birds category

Beautiful birds category 2020 winner

Photo name: Bearded tit at sunrise

Photographer: Donna, Kent

Judges notes: What a bird! Captured in magnificent lighting too.

WINNER: Marvellous mammals category

Wonderous wildlife category winner 2020 Photo name: Little Vixen

Photographer: Helen, Surrey

Judges notes:
Great composition and mix of colours. The fox is intently looking down the lens which instantly grabs attention.

WINNER: Wondrous wildlife category

Wondrous wildlife category winner 2020

Photo name: Bee free

Photographer: Clive, Barnet

Judges notes:
We like that the subject (bee) is looking away, adds another element. The textures are great and a nice depth of field.

Message from the judges

"Photography is such a powerful story-telling tool. With an image you can get your audience to really emerge themselves in an environment wherever they may be and to hopefully sympathise or better understand the subject. I was really pleased to have been a judge for this years League Against Cruel Sports photography competition and there were lots of great entries! I always like images that are novel and creative showing a new perspective. Well done to everyone who entered."

- Megan McCubbin

The Judges

Our youth ambassador Megan McCubbin

Megan McCubbin

League Youth Ambassador, zoologist, wildlife TV presenter, conservationist and photographer. As a host of BBC Springwatch, Megan has a passion for wildlife and nature and is an award-winning photographer herself.

Portratit of Paul Tillsley

Paul Tillsley

Head of Conservation at the League, Paul has the privilege to live on one of our sanctuaries to see wildlife in all its glory. As a keen photographer himself, Paul often captures the fauna and flora that surrounds him.