Dog fighting is one of the most extreme forms of animal abuse. Bred for the sole purpose of being repeatedly forced to fight, man’s best friend suffers daily at the brutal hands of dog fighters. Extensively trained, they are forced to run on treadmills until they are exhausted and kept in isolation which denies them the freedom to socialise. They will be repeatedly forced to fight, with many dying in the ring or soon after from their injuries.

three images of dogs victims of dog fighting

Protect man’s best friend from this brutality.


A two-year investigation by the League Against Cruel Sports, uncovered an international network which breeds, transports and organises dog fights around the world – including the UK.

Our investigation, carried out by our professional Investigators and specialist external contractors, into this global network began when we received a tip-off to our funded Animal Crimewatch reporting service about possible dog fighting in the Midlands area. This led us to an Eastern European national who was at the centre of a network breeding, transporting and fighting dogs all over the world. Dog fighters are responsible for this:

Peggy, Della and Kali, vicitims of dog fighting.

Help us end this network of cruelty.


With a pitiful maximum custodial sentence of only six months, which is reduced to three months if persecutors plead guilty, we’re urgently calling on the government to increase sentencing up to five years to reflect the severity of the violence and ensure animal abusers cannot keep animals in the future.

What this means is that persecutors, like those we identified in February as part of our Not Born to Fight campaign and BBC expose, will now be free. Free to harm more animals.

Please help us to campaign for stronger sentencing.