We are currently undergoing a review of our Honorary Positions, which includes our President and Vice Presidents. This is standard practice to ensure all our appointments are fair and accountable. It comes at a time when we are also able to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive, Eduardo Gonçalves – please read more about Eduardo here.

As part of this review it has been decided that John Cooper QC will no longer be the League’s President. From now on, each President will be appointed for a period of three years, an issue that was discussed prior to John Cooper’s appointment back in 2011. John has now served four and a half years so he leaves us with our immense gratitude!

John has a long history with the League, and was instrumental in our campaign to ban fox hunting, leading to the Hunting Act of 2004 – which became law 11 years ago today. He remains a Life Member of the charity, and we look forward to seeing him at future League events.

Discussions are taking place as to who will replace John, but as yet no-one has been approached.