Prince William apparently took part in a grouse shoot at the Balmoral Royal Estate on Friday, before meeting his son, Prince George, for lunch. Newspapers reported that it was the five year old’s ‘first grouse shoot’.

Chris Pitt, Deputy Director of Campaigns at the League Against Cruel Sports, said the charity had spent the Bank Holiday weekend protesting against grouse shooting, so was disappointed by the news. He said:

“Most of us think that blasting birds from the sky for fun is unacceptable, so this is really sad. 

“Grouse shooting means the death of 700,000 birds a year for fun. Some may end up on the table, but that doesn’t make up for the suffering of the wounded, the environmental damage, and the deaths of thousands upon thousands of animals who are killed to protect the birds who will then be shot. 

“Cruel sports like driven grouse shooting, fox hunting and trophy hunting are cut from the same cloth. They will only keep going if we teach our kids they are acceptable. The vast majority of people in this country won’t be doing that.”

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