Dear Sir,

In response to your article entitled “Ulster Group urges boycott over killing of Greyhounds”.

I’m sure that you’re readers were as shocked as I to hear that 10.000 dogs had been disposed of in Durham. This is despite assurances by the greyhound industry that it is self regulating. How can one trust an industry to regulate itself when it turns a blind eye to such grotesque barbarity. This shows that either the industry doesn’t care or it is in fact incompetent

Greyhound racing is an industry that makes a lot of people very rich. Over £2 billion is gambled on greyhound races every year, yet the industry is still unwilling to spend the money needed to ensure that these dogs have a happy retirement.

The League Against Cruel Sports is calling for proper regulation of the industry through the new Animal Welfare Bill and the creation of a Racing Animal Welfare Council.

Yours faithfully,

Fionna Smyth
Northern Ireland Campaigner
League Against Cruel Sports