We feel we must respond to the comments being posted by Jane Washington-Evans on social media (sometimes posting as @Labour4animals). Firstly, we sincerely offer our best wishes to Jane’s mother, Sylvia, someone who has dedicated her life to helping animals.

Jane was not allowed entrance to our AGM, as Trustees decided rightly to stick to the letter of our Constitution – the AGM is an event for the membership. Jane tried unsuccessfully to mount a protest outside the venue, despite being appraised of the rules. She has since continued to campaign against the League, and colleagues therein. These have been posted online and include accusations of members of staff of ‘killing her mother’ by not allowing her in. It is worth noting that in previous weeks and months, Jane had posted many times on social media using inflammatory language that is not based on the facts.

Indeed, Jane has published a letter online that she purports to have been sent to her mother so as to ‘expel her.’ We now feel inclined to respond with the letter that was actually sent. This full version contains further paragraphs: one explains that the decision ‘relates to the continued and persistent poor behaviour of Ms Jane Evans towards League Against Cruel Sports employees. Another informs Sylvia that the League would be happy if she wanted to take out an individual membership, and explains how to do it. (The League has dated copies of this letter, proving that the original contained these paragraphs, and that Jane’s version has been edited.) The email that Jane refers to her mother receiving today was the original sent on 23rd July 2018.

The truth is that Sylvia has not been ‘expelled’ by the League – she is very welcome to submit a new membership application which we would welcome. Jane was offered the chance of meeting the CEO and Directors to discuss her issues with the League, instead she has continued to attack us on social media. We took the decision to exclude Jane with heavy heart, on the basis that we have a duty of care to protect our staff. This we will do.

Personal attacks on the League and its staff and Trustees, beyond fair criticism, are not welcome. We will leave the reader to discern the difference between what Jane has posted on social media, and our letter to her mother. From the feedback we have received from supporters and members alike, prior to the AGM and after, taking a stand that puts the views of the majority of supporters first has been welcomed and our actions applauded. The League is an organisation committed to ending the suffering of animals inflicted by cruel sports, and is here for the many, not the few.


The letter posted by Jane on Social Media:

Letter version by Ms Jane Evans

The original letter sent to Sylvia Evans, via email, with the date it was sent:

Original Letter from the League

If you want to download a document with both letters, click here.