In a decision welcomed by the League Against Cruel Sports, Driven Grouse Shooting has officially come to an end on Ilkely Moor in West Yorkshire, the last municipal moorland in the UK where the practice was permitted.

The League Against Cruel Sports’ Head of Campaigns Nick Weston said: “Is this the beginning of the end for Driven Grouse Shooting in the UK? We certainly hope so. Hundreds of thousands of red grouse are slaughtered every year for the enjoyment of the few, causing untold suffering to the birds, unnecessary death for the local wildlife, as well as significant damage to the environment.

“We congratulate Ban Bloodsports on Ilkely Moor for a well-run campaign, and Bradford Council for making the right decision not to renew the shooting licence. This is a victory for the local people, and debunks the myth that shooting is a popular countryside pursuit’”

Read the full press release here.

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