2019 was a superb year for the League and we had hoped to bring our members the good news face to face at our AGM.

However, assuring the safety of our members – many of whom are in the age groups most susceptible to the worst effects of the virus and many of whom travel long distances on public transport to make our events – must be our top priority. We have therefore taken the decision to cancel the AGM this year, in line with Charity Commission guidance and with their expressed permission.

The future is not certain and with spikes in the outbreak and regular changes to the pandemic rules and control measures, we wanted to bring certainty to proceedings and avoid any potential wasted payments should we have to cancel later on.

Whilst we are disappointed not to be able to bring you the news of our successes in person, we have captured all that we did last year in our Annual Report and Accounts and our Impact Report. They tell of a League that is doing exactly what our members, supporters and the majority of the wider public expect. Thanks to your support we are in good shape and with our full staff in place, we are more determined than ever to stop cruel ‘sports’.

Thank you for your understanding during these strange times.